Feb 24, 2009
Feast your Eyes~~

oaky peeps... as requested from a few of joo peeps~~~ >___> Lo and behold~~ my dinner Pictura~~~

sorry for the blurrness.. =__=

i know.. the shoes/heels looks funny with leggins.. sue me XD

as what it wuz said in the picture =P if cannot see ah~~ I'll post it in my myspace lor~~ LOL

yeap.. i wuz dunked into da pool~~~ D8

Ike at 2/24/2009

Feb 21, 2009
a funny incident
hey guys.. yeah.. still no pictures for the previous posts.. yeah i know i know... I'm trying my best to get a hold on them. probably will get them by monday =A=;;

btw.. This is a tale i have to share. XD about an incident that oh so happens during my theater weekly club meeting.

so here we go... During the meeting, we are practicing for our next's week performance. We had three rounds of practice. The first went okay and short because we have to come up with ideas how to create a story with our own words and the whole group comprimise of more than 20 people. people are warming up and stuff.. and yada yada yada..

so then comes the 2nd round.

this is when disaster strikes. the first person, who oh so seemed to be sitting beside me, (yes, we are sitting on the floor) stood up. he was trying to be in character but it seems that he over did it when he starts jumping up and down. That is when he stepped on my foot. oh... i forgot to mention that he is a big-sized dude. imagine chouji from naruto in shippuden version. yeap, that's him.. I went @A@ my footttt!!!!!!!!!!!

that's the first, then came in the second. a girl. she was carrying a sad and whining character, telling that she's hurt or sad.. haha i forgot.. lolz.. she was shifting from one person to another person while dragging her lower body in a sitting position... (macam org lumpuh gerak.. orz.. okay.. i dunno how to explain) and it seems that she accidently exposed her lower b um because she's wearing a really low cut pants..

n then.. ahaks.. a friend of mine... it was his turn. he is a really tall dude. around 180++cm.. he stood up, and was aboout to speak when the girls he was facing started to giggle. he was like. "what?"

the girls giggled and said "Zip" and pointed to his direction. so this fella.. sangat2 blur.. (lol, sudah cakap bm plak dah...) he couldn't make out what the hell those girls were trying to say. Me and my other friends are already laughing our heads off and told him his jean's zipper ahematahemhiscrotchahemcough sudah terbukak...

he went all red and turned around, do his zipper and took his spot back, laughing along with the group... LOL.. yeap.. poor fella...

so then.. on the third round, he didn't perform la.. malu ady.. we had our laughs and all.. so yeah...

Ike at 2/21/2009

Feb 19, 2009
The random 25 things/.facts about me
I've been tagged by my dearest Fardiana. yeap... the amazing 25

Lets start!!

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I am a writer. I love to write but it's mostly on my fantasy which I created on my own. Yeap, I know.. I should produce a book but I prefer to do 'from fans to fans' kind of service and I don't take writing as my serious career. So yeah...

2. I'm a big eater but only during the meals. I don't like to munch on junkies or 'jajans'. I just can't get myself full with munching onto them. but ice cream is okay 8D owh... and cakes too!!!! me lovies those things! =P

3. I dislike being bothered with small things and I don't like people coming up to me or smsing/calling my number without a reason. I'm not the type to chat when I don't feel like it. Yes, I don't like being bothered. i love my small privacy. So if you guys want to come up to me without having any reason when I'm in my privacy mode, please don't or I'll be really pissed.

4. when it comes to music, I'll look up for the lyrics and study about it. the origins and what it was based on. I like to discover this tiny little things but i don't do it often. At times, I prefer listening to songs with no lyrics. and I'll try to crack the rythm how it was done.

5. I like to act like a fool since I'm too serious in my studies. at the same time I act mature and stay with my cool when I'm around new people. somehow, I could get connected with a stranger when I feel we have the same wave. speaking of meeting strangers, I will act quiet and all shy, but beware >D I shall be the most noisy and the most crazy ass biatch when we get to know better.

6. I can cook but at the same time I can't. I can handle western food but all my traditional malay food like ayam masak merah etc, semua hancusss~~~ hahaha and I'm good in creating desserts and inventing new appetizer.

7. I tend to critizise with a sharp tongue but in a friendly tone. this will be done under request couse I'm an honest person when it comes into giving out my P.O.V

8. I hate people who likes to judge me from how I dress. I may wear those baggy jeans, big t-shirts and cut my hair short. Doesn't mean that I'm not a girl under those attires.

9. I talk to myself while doing my theory assignments. sometimes I talk to my lappy's screen when I play games. And sometimes I sleeptalk?

10. I don't dislike pink but I'll get freaked out if I find out that person possession is entirely pink in colour. that makes me hate the colour pink. and same goes to the flourosent colours.

11. I'll put up a tough front if I think I can take up the challenge.

12. I hate smokers who smoke without thinking about the people around them. but at the same time, I'm biting my own tongue because I smoke too. only when i'm really stressed out.

13. I'm assexual? i like girls and i like guys. XD but i prefer guys who had a few girly features. LOL

14. I'm immune to horror genres and I just can't get enough of it. so by the end of the day after watching a marathon of those movies, I'm getting those hallucination that there's something by the door or by the window.. haha scaring myself..

15. I can't sleep with the light on.

16. I can see dead people... LOL.. ahem.. no seriously, I can O_____o

17. I have a split personality problem right after my SPM. I was desperate to fit in I created another me with a different name. overall I have 5. but now I'm cured (?)

18. I'm flexible with my art course. I can do anything from finearts to fashion and to photography. XD

19. I love babies and I even give a thought if I could produce a baby without getting married... LOL

20. I usually have those stage frights but now I'm confident enough to do whatever I wanna do when I'm on the stage thanks to my theater group and my photo lecturer. =3

21. I hate to compete on such useless things like who wears the best/most expensive clothes etc kind of thing. and i hate groupies.. They don't have a life.

22. I don't get it why do people want to have a couple when it's not their time yet.

23. I have a very high standard when it comes to choosing my partner. i may look simple but I am very demanding.

24. I kissed a girl. Literally. When? Last year. Why? because I just felt like I wanted to. full stop.

25. Right now I just wanted to be left alone without being chained to anyone. I like to be left alone and when I felt like I need a company, I'll come to search out for you. So don't worry if
I'm being too distant or too quiet. but if you need my help just holler and I'll get right back to you... I'm married to my assignments so i cannot spare any commitments to anyone right now. I'm in love with it. fullstop. period.

Ike at 2/19/2009

Feb 16, 2009
Bukit Merah Dinner
hey guys.. yeah.. I'm back from my Bukit Merah trip. Had loads of fun and it so happens that it was my lucky strike on V-night.

you see, our dinner seemed to be more like a highschool pool prom night. The theme for our dinner is Retro. Yes, yes.. Retro out of all the other themes, my juniours decided to choose that stinking theme after I had borrowed arieol's costume from Narukids..

I'm like.. Sheessh!!!!

So, I decided to pull out the best and borrowed a few items from my friends for the retro theme..

since I'm all the baggy jeans and big clothes type of person, nobody expect me to be dressed oh so sexily that night. Hell, yeah! and I even put on 3 inch of make up!!!! (lolz.. okay.. i was being silly)

so okay.. after being all cute and kinky-looking (in a good way okay..) me and my friend, ain, strode our way down the hotel and ride the bus that we were suppose to ride to the club house. It was no more that 1 kilometre fro the hotel we were staying at but just for the sake of our shoes and not wanting us to sweat heavily when we reach the place, we took the crummy looking bus, (an old school bus) which was the best that our juniors could find in the area.

all the guys from my class and my guy seniors whom knew me go "gaga-ing" at me.. hahahaa in your face boys!!! and being the owh so nice goodie-two-shoes-little-miss-me, i just smiled and waved at them before riding the bus.

at the club house, as usual, we have to take our numbers since there is gonna be awards for best dress etc.. yada yada yada.. and owh.. did i mention the entrance is red carpet style?

XD so i took my number and strut my stuff for the camera. LOLZ! yeah, i was going all "owh yeah, get more of me baby! I'm the hot stuff here!"

so yeah, after the red carpet appearance, I went straight to my friends who had been waiting at the table. The food is nice and delicious!! I go omnomnomnom for the chicken wings, lamb steak and mushroom soup before hitting deserts.. yes.. ahaha i'm a big eater la~~~

so after eating and snapping pics, we have this talent show which all the parts have to perform. (from part 2 till part 6) ... it seems like everyone took kareoke since we don't prepare early.. but.. it's nothing much... in between the talent show, i won a lucky draw and it's my first time winning XD i feel so HaPPee.. XD

oh did i mention it's a pool party? oh yeah i did.. so i had to walk along the side of the pool and i have to walk around the area where my lecturer's table are.. so when i did walk pass by their tables, my lecturers all gape.. hahaha, yes.. they too never see this girly side of me. XD their face is priceless.

after the lucky draw, we have a suprise birthdahy party to those who are borned on the month of February... we had cake!! yay!!! and the cake is so funny looking.. but sadly i don't have the picture..

ehem so skipping all the boring parts and going straight to awards,

-tempat ketiga for anugerah penghargaan dekan oleh department
-best student for part four
-nominee for Ratu Retro
-and winning the Ratu Retro Award..

Im like., LOLZ!!! BOOYAH!!! Im so like frying all the other girls with my smexy, cute and kinky retro outfit!!! XD

I soo would like to thank my classmates, my juniors and my seniors who voted for me XD Feels so Loved!!1 <3 <3 <3

so overall, i have made 6 appearance on the stage.. should have won an award for most appearance on stage XD

anyways.. i had a great night.. btw.. the dinner pics are not with me yet.. will probably put it up soon~~~~~~ just wait for it yeah?

Ike at 2/16/2009

Feb 12, 2009
my first POST~~~~~~ 8D
hye guys!!! yeah.. yeah.. i know.. my first post... hurm what am i gonna say here??

well.. im actually waiting for my bus to Bukit Merah for my Photography workshop actually.. and we are waiting for others to arrive...

me and my close classmate were the first to arrive sharp on 7.30am which we should be arriving but guess what????

even our lecturers are late and so are our juniors and seniors... >______< dang!!1 i should have wake up on 8.. D=

eto~~~~ well.. i'll update summore after my workshop!!! =3

Ike at 2/12/2009


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