Feb 21, 2009
a funny incident
hey guys.. yeah.. still no pictures for the previous posts.. yeah i know i know... I'm trying my best to get a hold on them. probably will get them by monday =A=;;

btw.. This is a tale i have to share. XD about an incident that oh so happens during my theater weekly club meeting.

so here we go... During the meeting, we are practicing for our next's week performance. We had three rounds of practice. The first went okay and short because we have to come up with ideas how to create a story with our own words and the whole group comprimise of more than 20 people. people are warming up and stuff.. and yada yada yada..

so then comes the 2nd round.

this is when disaster strikes. the first person, who oh so seemed to be sitting beside me, (yes, we are sitting on the floor) stood up. he was trying to be in character but it seems that he over did it when he starts jumping up and down. That is when he stepped on my foot. oh... i forgot to mention that he is a big-sized dude. imagine chouji from naruto in shippuden version. yeap, that's him.. I went @A@ my footttt!!!!!!!!!!!

that's the first, then came in the second. a girl. she was carrying a sad and whining character, telling that she's hurt or sad.. haha i forgot.. lolz.. she was shifting from one person to another person while dragging her lower body in a sitting position... (macam org lumpuh gerak.. orz.. okay.. i dunno how to explain) and it seems that she accidently exposed her lower b um because she's wearing a really low cut pants..

n then.. ahaks.. a friend of mine... it was his turn. he is a really tall dude. around 180++cm.. he stood up, and was aboout to speak when the girls he was facing started to giggle. he was like. "what?"

the girls giggled and said "Zip" and pointed to his direction. so this fella.. sangat2 blur.. (lol, sudah cakap bm plak dah...) he couldn't make out what the hell those girls were trying to say. Me and my other friends are already laughing our heads off and told him his jean's zipper ahematahemhiscrotchahemcough sudah terbukak...

he went all red and turned around, do his zipper and took his spot back, laughing along with the group... LOL.. yeap.. poor fella...

so then.. on the third round, he didn't perform la.. malu ady.. we had our laughs and all.. so yeah...

Ike at 2/21/2009


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