Mar 26, 2009
yeah yeah.. i know this is pretty late to post up.. but hey! at least i finally managed to come and blog after days of no-connection-in-class-and-off-class..


so here goes..

last Sat went to Tropicana Mall with my cousin. some might know her as Kidkun from Deviantart..
met up with Yoichi-san inside the goddamn, big, humongous and not to mention having to have more than 1 full length mirror inside a toilet/washroom!!! also met my long-lost sempai-evilkuro yuki if im not mistaken >w< she cosplay as Shinku from Rozen Maiden.

so went straight to Narukid's booth to put some of my stuff there and went on cosplayer hunting spree for photoshoots before waiting for Nightress-oneesama at the Con.

and so, i met a few others like Wen, ZhangZhang and Yuan ^^

there's nothing much to do actually except waiting for the competition to start.. and so it did.. XD but sadly, there's only 3 groups that entered the comp. And the Deltroit Metal City group won first place for their spectacular performance deshou!!! Satsugai Da!!!!

actually, before the comp started, Nightress-oneesama and her group reached the mall around one after trooping at Tun Sambathan. and so, we carried out a small and quick interview ^^ after that MOAR photoshoots for the Rebel Legion group before and after the competiton start..

after the hectic schedule, went to a Bali-like restaurant and ordered Fresh Lime Juice before rushing out again for MOAR photoshoots LOL.. so then went back to the restaurant.. so had a sereis of funny moments when I drank up my juice... it is extremely sour that my saliva glend went haywire and produced triple amount of saliva inside my mouth even after i took some sky juice to neutralize my tongue.. arr LOL..

so yeah, Nightress-oneesama gave me and my cousin a lift back to Subang Jaya before i phoned my mum to pick us up before sending my cousin straight to the KTM station... was dead tired and slept early?

the next morning (sunday) I was awaken by Honey when she called me around 10 AM. she asked me to bring along my laptop so that she could practise her Skit... and so i went back cosplayer hunting and meet up with many more ^^.

and did i mention it was better than saturday's event? XD I glomped and "Raped" taka-chan LOL.. oh kay.. well not raped but kinda.. LOL... the dude is just to annoyingly unresistable to not to play along with his crappy ideas.. but still.. had loads of camwhoring moments. Taka-chan!! I'll freakingly hunt you down for the next event!!! and so moved on... snapped a few kawaii young cosers as well!! nya!! a young son goku!!! XD he won second prize (RM 500 in cash!)

soro2.. moved on till nightfall.. had a blasting day and had my first decent sushi!!! XD had
Inari and Tamago rolls.. nyaa~~ had some from Honey's share too~~ but i dunno the name =<

so yeah everything is a blast!!! XD

pictures will be up soon after i managed to get a better connection!!!

Ike at 3/26/2009


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