Mar 8, 2009
It's Huenco Mundo people!!!!
okay... so today is The Most thrilling, fun, happening cosplay Photoshoot I've been so far =D
and today, along with almost up to 20++ people (cosplayer and photographers included) we did the Huenco Mundo from Bleach ^^ and things didn't went exactly how the group had planned.. LOL

okay.. so we uh.. finally gathered infront of Subang Jaya KTM station at 8.15 am.. or somewhere around there... ^^;; the actually plan is to gather at the place sharp on 730.. but things happens.. we can plan but fate decides all.. (okay.. lol-ing at my own statement)

so we have like up to 7 cars.. O_o yush.. seven freaking cars people!!! I wish I had took the shot when we convoy from the KTM station to the abandoned factory. Suppose we should have used the other road.. but somehow... ahaha the head of the convoy made us go through the toll.... uhh.. and that's when things turn topsy turvy to the car I'm in.

Narukids is the driver and we seemed to be the last to finally get through the toll and it seems like we were left behind... WAY BEHIND!!! Narukids kinda got a bit... okay maybe not a bit.. how should we put this? freaked out I guess.. ahaha since she's the driver and she's not that very familiar with the road we took.. we kinda got lost and had to made a few phone calls to Affan n Honey.. hahahaha... you guys should hear how fast she talks through the phone. LOL.

so we got lost around the Politeknik area and stuff.. but we managed to get to the factory which is located just opposite the BMW building. I'm like.. WTF? I know this road!!! why don't they just say so???!! oso can use the road that don't need to pay toll somemore!!
so yeah.. the photo session started and we did cool shots.. etc and more.. =3 we ended just around 1/2/3 (?) pm.. haha I didn't bother to look at the watch.. So after the photoshoot and sending a few fellow cosplayer to the KTM station, me, Nightress, Hibiki and one of the cosplayer (sorry didn't get your name if you are reading this) went to Sunway Pyramid and tagged along with Deidei and the group (Rayray, Potter, Sky, Honey and her brother, and other a few others I couldn't remember their name.. gomen Q_Q and something unexpected happened at Sunway Pyramid! we came across Reno-san, Beatbox and a few others mostly from the Air Gear group. =D

so we had Brunch = Breakfast and Lunch (for Hibiki and my case.. yeap.. It's brunch cuz we skipped breakfast D=) at A&W. I had Coney Dog!!! =3 my most fav menu of course! and then we chat, laughing at a few pictures we took and went to the arcade watching Hibiki play Para Para Sakura. LOL okay.. some dance machine so yeah.. and something just so happened to over kill my brains while we were at the arcade. this chinese dude took the other dance machine and dance... in a very disturbing way.. yes.. It's disturbing and I almost lose my lunch... =3=;;;

so okay.. enuff typing!! pictures!!!

<-- okay.. we called her Pink but it seems she would chop our heads off if we call her Pink LOL. must call her by her name.. ^^;;)

<--after hassle much and stressing her way
to the factory.. she still can do a great job acting out as her character..

<--the photo group I heart the most =3

moar pictures in my flickr and myspace ^^

Ike at 3/08/2009


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