Mar 19, 2009
Parents and Internet
yeah you heard me.. parents and internet... So here i am finally home from Perak.. exhausted and all... and then my mom called me to sign in into my YM on my youngest bro's brand new Lappy.. So being all the obedient and so good nature elder sis.. I did.. and gone upstairs to do my assignment when my mom called for me.. now she wants to view my bro's (my other bro who is currently in eygpt) web cam... i tried to tell her that we can't do it since my bro is using digsby / skype and whatever you called it..

Tried telling her more than a thousand times but she insist that we CAN'T unless we have a skype / Digsby account!!!!!!! argh.. damn.. so it kinda broke up into a fight and my bro joined in.. trying to tell her.. and somehow she understood (?)...

okay.. and then after all of that i had another series of half yelling half explaining to my dad that the int. cannot connect to my lappy.. he kept using the word "Abang Long had setup the int. and told that which ever laptop/computer it connects to will connect directly to the internet" but my lappy just can't!!!!!!!!!!! I was just asking for the streamyx's orange box so i can re-setup my int. in my lappy..

ARGHHHHH!!! so damned pissed right now.. bna)(*(T&R^%$!!!!!!!!

this is what you get when parents decided to venture internet and never seemed to wanted to understand that we cannot control the god damn internet!!!!!!!

Ike at 3/19/2009


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