Apr 30, 2009
O_________o ness
hey guys... yeah you heard me riht from my myspace and facebook. I ISH BACK!!! LOLz.. okay.. well, just got my friggin ass back in Subang Jaya. =3

I'm freaking free but seeking for a part time job T_T if not I'll perish cuz i really wanted to get my hands on a new hp and a bass guitar. =<

wel.. anyways.. gotta get ready for something for the moment.... I'll blog back later in the evening =D

Ike at 4/30/2009

Apr 26, 2009
is this what we call growing up?
Hey guys. I am currently free up till 30th (which I will be sitting for my last paper for this semester)

due to the freaking free time I have, I currently have caught up with a new hobby. This new hobby seems to be getting on my nerves but it made me felt content at certain times. What kind of hobby you ask? Well.. it's.. thinking....

A lot of things I have put into thoughts whenever i have free time or when I'm waiting for my friends at the mall etc. The future, the past, clothing designs and even thinking if I will even go on with photography with my future. Heck, i even had pushed to the limits on how I'll raise my future kids. (This kinda scares me)

Today, A thought came into me. It's mostly almost full proof but I dunno if I'm able to actually put this plan forth. What you asked? Well, it's a character I made/drew/create and will probably made it come to life for my future cosplay plans. Probably debut it in 2010 or 2011. =3
If i managed to attract people to my chara, I'll probably make a manga out of it.. but who knows?

hehehe.. to my cosplay buddies.. =P just wait for it nyeh?~~~

okay-okay.. back to the real topic.....
since thinking had become my new hobby, this just brought me to the edge thinking. Is it because I've grown up? is it maturity? I still couldn't find an answer to this tho~~~..

hurm... DAmn.. I sounded like an old lady.. huhuhuhu

by the way, this is what i had submit for my final last friday. it's nothing much but I'm proud what i had done. Something i got from my hobby and listening to MYV's song. and yeah... Named it Itoshii Hito, means My Beloved or Beloved One. It revolves on both abortion and miscarriage.

the mirror symbolized two worlds, life and death. Why? because both world cannot be reached unless one crossed the line. and if the line was crossed, one could never return.

The blood symbolized life, pain, sin and regret.

Life because, it's what kept us living.

Pain because whenever we bleed, pain comes after.

Sin because it tainted the hands and the white dress the mother wore. Regret becuase blood will never leave the sight.

The rose petals symbolized the fragile heart and life of a human being. It can be easily blown and shed. whenever miscarriage happens, a mother's heart will be shattered into pieces andwhenever a young girl made an abortion, a small life was easily killed just like the blown petals. The red colour also symbolized the heart and the blood.

the spiders are symbolized as home or mother. As a small creture, it provides both shelter and food for it's younglings. However, if the younglings are weak and dying, the mother will it them alive. It depicts both situation.

The black clothes symbolized abortion done or regret as it hides the colour of the blood. While the white cloth symbolized miscarriage as the mother weeps for the child's death.

Overall, this image is created to show the different situation faced by mothers, yet causing the same conclusion. Death to a small child.

huhuhuh. it's a long and winding summary but i hope explanation helps.. and my english are getting worse =3=

toodles people!!!

Ike at 4/26/2009

Apr 23, 2009
almost there

yeah.. a very big and annoyed sigh from me...

suppose I'm in my lecturer's room assessing my final work and what not.. but it's freaking delayed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm farking tired, sleepless, close to my PMSing days.. and .......


looks like im blabbing off... more like blowing my fuse here... WTH man..
Imma get some sleep now.. Maybe I'll blog in more details later in my cherry mood... DAMN I sound as if i'm a AB blood person >.>

Ike at 4/23/2009

Apr 21, 2009
21 April 2009

soo... umm.. today.. I'm officially 20 years old and 15 days...

and right now I'm completely clueless what I'm suppose to do with my life.

but some how.. I think I'm destined to strive to be someone's PA or a manager of a band/group or whatever that relates.. or maybe to be within a production group (theater/drama/ or just plainly handling a stage for a mega super big concert)

yeah.. plain weird.. but i felt like i'm so destined to be so...



this is probably due to stress for my finals.. D=

Ike at 4/21/2009

Apr 16, 2009
tag lagi~
Anda rasa anda hot?

WTF? hot? hahahaha.. x mungkin.. LoLOLOLOL.

upload gambar kegemaran anda

uhmm.. malas la nak upload... wakakaka... tak nak upload...!

bila kali terakhir makan piza?
3 minggu yang lalu kot?

lagu terakhir anda dengar?
Guren- the Gazette

selain nama sendiri, anda suke dipanggil dengan nama apa?
uhmm.. ntah.. huhuhu

tag 7 orang

-memandangkan saya tidak tag sesiapa.. maka tiada jawapan untuk di beri untuk soalan dibawah..

ternayat saya sedang malas.. hahaha

siapa nombor 1 kepada anda?
no. 3 ada hubungan dengan sesiapa?
kata sesuatu berkenaan no. 5
bagaimana dengan no. 4
siapakah no. 2?
Pesanan kepada no. 6?
pendapat anda tentang no 7?

Ike at 4/16/2009

Apr 14, 2009
Itoshii hito
Itoshii hito by -Miyavi-

(japanese version)

lalala~ lalala,lala~

lalala,lala lalala~~

Itoshii hito...Nakanaide, warat~te mise~tte
Namida ga mitakute "suki" tte-ttan jannai n da yo?

daka(la)ra 2x

Itoshii hito...Daijoubu, sabishika nai deshou-Datte anata ga
sabishii toki, boku mo sabishii n da yo

uso bi~ 2x

Itoshii hito...Toji-tta me wam-mada,-akecha dame da kanne~
Sono mama...sono mama...--tte -necha dame da yo.

lalala~ lalala~

Itoshii hito...

"Anata no tame nara shineru" ja nakute
"Anata no tameni ikiru" koto ni shita yo
Mochiron~anata mo. go issho ni
bo.Kono saki mo, sono saki mo...

ho oh~~~
Mo~0tto anata aishite yari na yo, boku wa sono ama~tta bun~ de,
ii kara?

Itoshii, itoshii hito...

Tatoe~umare-.kawa atta toshitemo
Boku wa "kono" boku de iru kara anata mo "sono" anata de itene.
Soshi.ite-mata onaji koto iu~n da
Zutto, zuttoo.... zutto......


Itoshii hito... Yu-u-ukkuri.. sono me akete goran yo.
Itsumo to onaji deshou?
Sore de ii n da yo.2x

hmmm~~~ laladedee~~

(english version)

My beloved
Don't cry, show me a smile.
I didn't say I liked seeing tears, did I?

My beloved
It's all right, you're not lonely, now.
Just when you're lonely, I'm lonely too?

My beloved
Don't open your closed eyes just yet, ok.
Just like that... just like that... but don't go to sleep (laugh)

My beloved
It's not "I could die for you" but rather I've decided "I'll live for you"
Of course together with you too, now, forever, and ever

Don't love yourself any more, 'cause I'll have what's left over.

My beloved
Even if we were to be born again, because I would be this me,
And you will be that you.
And I will say this again, always, allways.

My beloved
Slowly open those eyes, it's the same as always isn't it?

That is good.
That is good.


so it's been a while since i have ever blog in here...

so yeah.. I'm back in track with my J-songs after leaving them for quite sometime at the corner in my Music file. Reminising a few this and that and i found a few songs that I've missed out...

"Itoshii Hito" or "My Beloved" gave a strong impression and I couldn't get the song out of my mind for almost two weeks now. Usually, I'm the type to skip through songs after favouring it for 1 week which is the longest. but it seems now that Miyavi-sama had managed his way through to capture my soul with his beautiful lyrics and voice.

It really made me cry after learning his lyrics and watched his PV. I'm like.. Damn, this is deep. Very deep... It's like as if he understood how deep a mother's love to a child ( I think he do). His emotions in the PV really did burn in my mind. I'm so touched and inspired by his song that I've decided to made my final which is based on his song theme.

I'm so in love with it.. Miyavi-sama.. thanks! You've really inspired my life and work! will surely name my work Itoshii Hito =3. I swear!!!!

okay.. so back to i.my hectic life.. Hahahaha.. i ahev three more presentations to do~~~ lalalala.. it's time to P.A.N.I.C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111oneoneone!!!

Ike at 4/14/2009

Apr 7, 2009
Yes, No?

Yes or No...*WTH is this*

> 1.You can ONLY answer Yes or No!
> 2.You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and asks!

> Now, here's what you're supposed to do... And please do not spoil the Fun. Copy and paste this into your notes , delete my answers, type in your answers and tag as many of your friends as you'd like to. Then see what happens.

> Asked someone to marry you? --- Yes
> Kissed anyone of your Facebook friends? --- yes O___O|||
> Been arrested?--- yes
> Slept in until 5pm? --- yes
> Fallen asleep at work/school?--- yes
> Held a snake?---yes
> Ran a red light?--- yes
> Been suspended from school?-- no
> Written off your car/motorbike in an accident? --- no
> Been fired from a job?--- no
> Sang karaoke?--- yes
> Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?--- yes
> Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose?--- yes
> Caught a snowflake on your tongue? --- no
> Kissed in the rain? --- no
> Kissed someone you shouldn't?--- yes.. i think so?
> Sang in the shower? --- yes
> Sat on a rooftop? --- yes
> Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes?--- yes =______=|||
> Broken a bone?--- no
> Shaved your head?--- no
> Got a tattoo? --- no
> Blacked out from drinking? --- no
> Played a prank on someone? --- no
> Felt like killing someone? --- yes
> Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? Honestly? --- yes
> Had Mexican jumping beans for pets?--- no
> Been in a band/sing in front of a large audience?--- yes
> Tripped on mushrooms?--- no
> Donated Blood? --- yes
> Eaten alligator meat?--- no
> Eaten snake and bIawak meat?---no
> Still love someone you shouldn't?--- nope ^_^
> Think about the future?--- yes
> Believe in love?--- nah~~~

Ike at 4/07/2009


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