Apr 14, 2009
Itoshii hito
Itoshii hito by -Miyavi-

(japanese version)

lalala~ lalala,lala~

lalala,lala lalala~~

Itoshii hito...Nakanaide, warat~te mise~tte
Namida ga mitakute "suki" tte-ttan jannai n da yo?

daka(la)ra 2x

Itoshii hito...Daijoubu, sabishika nai deshou-Datte anata ga
sabishii toki, boku mo sabishii n da yo

uso bi~ 2x

Itoshii hito...Toji-tta me wam-mada,-akecha dame da kanne~
Sono mama...sono mama...--tte -necha dame da yo.

lalala~ lalala~

Itoshii hito...

"Anata no tame nara shineru" ja nakute
"Anata no tameni ikiru" koto ni shita yo
Mochiron~anata mo. go issho ni
bo.Kono saki mo, sono saki mo...

ho oh~~~
Mo~0tto anata aishite yari na yo, boku wa sono ama~tta bun~ de,
ii kara?

Itoshii, itoshii hito...

Tatoe~umare-.kawa atta toshitemo
Boku wa "kono" boku de iru kara anata mo "sono" anata de itene.
Soshi.ite-mata onaji koto iu~n da
Zutto, zuttoo.... zutto......


Itoshii hito... Yu-u-ukkuri.. sono me akete goran yo.
Itsumo to onaji deshou?
Sore de ii n da yo.2x

hmmm~~~ laladedee~~

(english version)

My beloved
Don't cry, show me a smile.
I didn't say I liked seeing tears, did I?

My beloved
It's all right, you're not lonely, now.
Just when you're lonely, I'm lonely too?

My beloved
Don't open your closed eyes just yet, ok.
Just like that... just like that... but don't go to sleep (laugh)

My beloved
It's not "I could die for you" but rather I've decided "I'll live for you"
Of course together with you too, now, forever, and ever

Don't love yourself any more, 'cause I'll have what's left over.

My beloved
Even if we were to be born again, because I would be this me,
And you will be that you.
And I will say this again, always, allways.

My beloved
Slowly open those eyes, it's the same as always isn't it?

That is good.
That is good.


so it's been a while since i have ever blog in here...

so yeah.. I'm back in track with my J-songs after leaving them for quite sometime at the corner in my Music file. Reminising a few this and that and i found a few songs that I've missed out...

"Itoshii Hito" or "My Beloved" gave a strong impression and I couldn't get the song out of my mind for almost two weeks now. Usually, I'm the type to skip through songs after favouring it for 1 week which is the longest. but it seems now that Miyavi-sama had managed his way through to capture my soul with his beautiful lyrics and voice.

It really made me cry after learning his lyrics and watched his PV. I'm like.. Damn, this is deep. Very deep... It's like as if he understood how deep a mother's love to a child ( I think he do). His emotions in the PV really did burn in my mind. I'm so touched and inspired by his song that I've decided to made my final which is based on his song theme.

I'm so in love with it.. Miyavi-sama.. thanks! You've really inspired my life and work! will surely name my work Itoshii Hito =3. I swear!!!!

okay.. so back to i.my hectic life.. Hahahaha.. i ahev three more presentations to do~~~ lalalala.. it's time to P.A.N.I.C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111oneoneone!!!

Ike at 4/14/2009


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