May 31, 2009
Why so Sirius, Black?

Yeap.. that's what the guys been asking me for the whole day at Movie Carnival at Sunway Pyramid. I took the honor playing as Sirius Black, Marauder version a.k.a school version.

It's an epic journey as it was my second time cosplaying a character from a movie.. Oh, I forgot to mention that I cosplayed as Scarecrow from Batman on the 1st day of Movie Carnival.

huhhu enuf talk, here are some pictures I managed to grab hold from my friends~~ =D

1st day of MC as Scarecrow~~

Sirius, so Serious?

The Marauder Team, Potter as James Potter, my Shinobu-chin as Remus Lupin, me as Sirius Black and Kids as Peter Pettigrew.

add some a few people, on the left, Deidara n the right, Kids as Peter Pettigrew and Sky-chan!!

(pictures courtesy by Beatbox; ILU man! Let's camwhore again!)

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Ike at 5/31/2009

May 27, 2009
Depressed in a way~ sort off

seriously... I can't wait to move out from my parent's house.

I just can't stand them any more.. 2 more semesters and 1 more year.. before resuming my degree.. I am going to hunt for my own place. a place where I can call it a home...

I need my freedom.. =<

Ike at 5/27/2009

May 26, 2009
ABC me
~Here goes~

You've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with the ABC's of YOU. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you - but not in a creepy stalker kind of way.

A-Ay Ike Jay is my stage/screen name..

B-Boyish and manlier-than-you-attitute is almost exactly how I act.

C-Cosplay is finally become real to me in 2009

D-Drawing is a necessity for me, but I miss it~

E-Edward Elric's temper is equal to mine, not to mention both of us are stubborn.

F-F is the second alphabet in my name

G-Gackt Camui! <3

H-Hate is a strong word, so don't make me hate you.

I-Ike (I-key) or Ikki, which ever is fine with me.

J- Japan is a place where I wanna go cuz I'm soo into it.

K-Kai!!!!!! <3

L-Love is...?

M-miyavi, melody. and miyamel. junior!!!!

N-Not looking and not available unless for hook ups (LOL)

O-Ootoro-sushi, right?

P-Pepper and Salt- main ingredients whenever I cook.

Q-Quadruplets... i want them 8D

R-Ruki & Reita <3

S-Say nothing unless it's important

T-The Gazette!! <3, Takashima Kouyou (uruha)

U-Uruha's pouty lips +fangirl mode+

V-V.V...seriously, I can't pronounce this without pouting my lips.. I suck.. >.>

W-Wolly Wonka

X-Xena the Warrior Princess is something I would like to watch again..

Y-Yutaka Uke (Kai) <3

Z-Zee.. that's how you pronounce it.. LOL

Ike at 5/26/2009

May 25, 2009
Rumors~~ pffft!!!!
so yeah,

things just love~~~ to go around the net. and these are some of the ones i stumbled upon~

(i'll elaborate in my style cuz i dun want some people start accusing one another..)

This said person claims that this certain artists are covering up their acts on their affair. The said person stated that these artists are not coming clean about their relationship despite being married just because the male artist had other affairs before their marriage and had been considering to marry someone else. And he commented that the said male artist looked so stressed due to this problem

+from here on will be my rants and etc.. if you want to read go on~.. like i said Irant+

Guys, the dude is happy with his wife!! WTF is wrong with you people anyways?! Can't you just be happy for him? He finally found his (hopefully) one true love out of those other biatches in the industry he is in! Can't you see how supportive she is towards him!

She does not stop him from making music.
She does not refrain him from making concerts.
She does not restrict him from his fans.
She does not had to do anything which will make him stop seeing us.

So why can't you leave this couple alone?!

They LOVE each other.
They CHERISH each other.
They SUPPORT each other.

Stewpid rumors won't tear them apart! Get a freaking life! Even though the tabloids tagged their names under "SHOT GUN MARRIAGE" because she was pregnant doesn't mean the guy doesn't love her. It doesn't mean that they have to date for years to finally settle down. It was written in their lives that they were meant for each other!

MYV-sama is not a monkey for you obsessed fangirls.

He is a human. Just like every other and he deserved of what he has not. He deserved to have that special someone which does not "drool-all-over-and-being-an-idiot". He deserve the woman he has and the child that is to be born by the end of July.

Before i forget..... Of course he looks old and tired! He is growing old and growing mature! And he couldn't get enough sleep because he worked his ass off for his fans for god's sake! Did you guys ever think of that?!


+end of Irant+


some prick went around in myspace calling meevs a gay and a homo.. well he got his reply at meev's blog.. hahah call that a direct reply!!

from meev's myspace blog:-

i got some fanmails which said that someone wrote that i was a gay or something,

and i checked the comments on my page.

my dear fans,

thank u for defending me.

but i dont want u to attack him or use some bad words like what im always

u guys know that im not so weak.

my staff checks the comments and gets rid of comments that shouldnt be on there everyday.

and im assuming that he wants me to be a gay and to divorce or sleep with him.lmao

that's it.

lets just think of everything in a positive way!!

anyway thanks for thinking about me everyone.

i love u everyday.

tonite, ill specially show u guys this logo for my fanclub C.W.I.F. -Co-miyavi Worldwide International Family-.

i strongly felt that i wanted to make a big family in the world when i got the news of my baby.

so please lets unite,

and shake hands with the one who is next to u.

(sorry, can't put the logo here... I'm respecting his rights and you guys can google for the logo)


Ike at 5/25/2009

May 23, 2009
My Music part 3 : Gackt Camui
Gackt during Malice Mizer phase

Name: Gackt Camui
Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan
Hometown: Kyoto, Japan
Blood Type: A
Pets: Mei (cat), Belle Constantine Chappy a.k.a. Belle (dog)
Hobbies: driving, dating, playing billards, martial arts
Height: 180 cm (around 5' 10")
Weight: 50 - 80 kg (around 130 lbs)
Foods: Bananas, Wine, Spaghetti, Kimchi, tea
Habits: smoking, seeing dead people
Instruments: Drums, Trombone, Trumpet, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Tuba
Languages: Japanese, Mandarin, French, English
Currently Learning: Korean, Cantonese

color: Black and White
drink: Vodka
manga: Banana Fish
song: Stairway to Heaven, Beauty and Harmony
singer: Yoshida Miwa, Crystal King, Metallica
movies: Braveheart, Primal Fear, The Game, City of Angels, Soldier, Scent of a Woman
actor/actress: Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan, John Travolta, Brad Pitt,
Nicholas Cage

It all began after I had an argument with my Shinobu-chin about certain J-artists and what not. Then, his name came up...I was not that interested with him until I decided to give a look on his So.. lemme introduce you guys who and what "Gackt" is.

First of all, "Gackt" is a name. Gackt is a man. Gackt is a LADIES man.

"Camui Gackt" is a stage name or, well really, the name everyone refers
to him by. The name given to him at birth is unknown, and you'll probably
hear a lot of rumors about it. But you can call him Gackt. Because
Japanese names are written opposite of English names, his last name is
Camui and his first name is Gackt. Gackt is said exactly how it's spelled
- Gackt. Because of how Japanese is structured, anyone with an accent
will pronouce it as "Gakuto" instead. Either way is fine.

To continue, Gackt says that he was born July 4th, 1540, which would
make him 466 years old. He looks mighty fine for his age, doesn't he? Yeah, ridiculous, but it's his choice to hide his true identity, after all.. he is a visual kei artist. Like his birth name, his birth date is also unknown.

"Can't you tell me ANY hard fact?"

Well, fine, no need to get cranky. Gackt was born in Okinawa, Japan, with a mixed ethnic background, but the large majority being Japanese. He speaks Japanese, English, French, Mandarin, and probably a lot of other languages. His blood type is A.

And his hobby(s?) are martial arts, and billards. He's a little under 6 feet tall, ~very~ lean, and has the bad habit of smoking. He prefers night to day, hates sweets, and prefers candle light over electric. It's said that the only lights on in his home are always candles. (yeah romantic. Well, yes, unless you're trying to read or to just find your way around the house without bumping into anything. I'm sure the people who visit have their way around memorized.)

Gackt's personality, at least in the public eye, is always a funny sight to see. Although he tries not to smile or laugh too much, Gackt is always saying the funniest things, sometimes without even the intention to do so. He's a perfectionist, and if he sees you doing something better then him,
you better bet he'll get better then you in a short time. However, he's always willing to try anything once, even when it makes him look like a complete fool. Although Gackt is very talented and very popular, he never seems to take himself too seriously. (We haven't caught him exclaiming "Ore sama no bigi ni yoi na~" yet.) The most common way people who stalk follow Gackt online is 'a dork'. Ah. To know Gackt is to love him. >.> yush and I found to be so~~~

OK, now, what does this individual do?. I will tell you.....

Gackt is what is known as a JRock Singer. "JRock?" you say. "What's that?" JRock is a special term used for a Japanese Rock Singer.but i think he is a visual kei.. meh.. whatever.. Since Gackt's music spans a variety of styles.. so.. meh..

He started of as being a part of Mailce Mizer, but then he became a solo artist along with his bandmates, of whom are referred to as 'GacktJOB'. In 2007, he joined a superband, S.K.I.N, singing along side famous names; Miyavi, Yoshiki and Sugizo. Still, he is working with 'GacktJOB' and doesn't seem as if he will ever leave.. and thus, making S.K.I.N look lifeless..( it's been two years! Where are the live DVDs guys!!! >.>)

Doesn't he do anything else?...
Well, of course he does. Gackt writes and composes his music, as well as plays such instruments as the piano, guitar, drums, trombone, trumpet, bass, and tuba, although he really only plays piano and guitar on stage. Wow!.. yes WOW is a good word. Gackt is a talented individual. He sings in Japanese, with an occasional English lyric. He also has sung two songs in English and one in Mandarin during his solo career.

Gackt as KENSHIN UESUGI in Fuurin Kazan

But Gackt is not just a singer! Gackt is also an actor.'
singers-turned-actors normally suck!
Well, I can't say you're wrong, but in Gackt's case, his acting has gotten better. Gackt most recently starred in the movie "Moon Child", and was quite good for the character he portrayed. Moon Child is available overseas if you would like to check it out. Currently, fans are drooling over his character Kenshin Uesugi in Fuurin Kazen. Gackt also appears in a lot of commercials and music shows, and even has a video game character modeled after him! In other words: Gackt is nearly everywhere!

Main Character from Bujingai

so.. yeah~~~ go check him out~!~ XD


Ike at 5/23/2009

May 19, 2009
epic fail for angst
Standing here alone,
it felt like an eternity,
as I watch the season change,
as how we change too.

It was meant to be,
Gone unnoticed like the wind,
we were swept away further by the strong current of time,
nothing more but silence filling in those gaps.

That promising smile,
that supporting hold,
it would had last,
but I choose not.

We could,
we should,
but my stubbornness exceeds all,
I wanted freedom.
because deep down,
we are not meant to be.
or should I say,
fate decided so?



.. oh em gee~~ it was supposed to be angsty but at the end I decided to add humour. It seems like I epically fail. >.> oh posshshhshshhhh.

mood: angst and sudden sillyness
listening to: Last Song - Gackt
reading: J-rock fanfics

Ike at 5/19/2009

May 18, 2009
someone asked me recently.. "How's your love life?"

I just smiled and left it unanswered.

Right now I, myself am not sure if I had really been in love.. or was it lust after all these years?

I'm sure I wasn't even happy during those "lovey-dovey" years as I kept myself in a stressed, trying to get the other's attention and turning myself into something I'm not. I kept myself awake for questioning myself like:

-is he the one?
-is this really it or just another swing of mine?
-is he looking only at me?
-or do I only dig for girls?

So, went through hell, and right back up to the surface of earth... back and forth till I finally find myself able to put the past behind me. well.. not all of it... but I managed to forget and lead on my life with a new leaf.

I have to admit, I act like a virgin school girl whenever I have this special person. I would talk-talk-talk-talk endlessly with my friendsabout that person and eventually annoys them. It made me look ridiculous. I hate those overwhealming feelings which never stop pouring. and whenever it came to the "breaking up" I would act like an idiot that had really lost their brains.

It results to countless nights of tears and sappy songs that I could get my hands on. Still remembering those days after a recent break up. Tears just kept falling without me noticing. And at the moment, I was presenting my idea to the class.. How embarassing and stupid of me. Yeah, I can't take control of my body.

Sometimes I wonder, what do people see me as?

Others usually see me as a robot or andriod or.. i dunno.. something that is programmed to always look calm, happy, fun and whatever their hearts desires.. Cuz I was expected to make them happy. It's my job. and I hate it.

.....................I'm still a human, with emotions.... =/

eventhough I seldom cry or show other emotions of mine, doesn't mean that I amnot weak.
I may put up a strong front everytime I face a big problem but truth is I was shaking and would beg for mercy. One thing that made me not to is my ego.

Therefore, this answers the question why I never cry in public of course. I was taught not to cry even if I am in the deepest **** of trouble. I forced myself to learn to act calm and solve the problem A.S.A.P. or be agressive if plan A doesn;t work out. In other means, put up a fight, a real fight. Kicks and punches included and more to come.

That's what probably made me not to fall in love.. or should I say turn asexual?
I just can't bring myself to fall in love. I am afraid to trust. I am afraid to rely on others.
I just couldn't find any space to eventually love someone.
Even if I am attracted to that person, it might be that I was lusting for that desired person.
and I can't bring myself to deceive anyone for that advantage of mine.

I'm not heartless.

I could turn into one.
I could deceive and be selfish.
But then, it would be too troublesome if it gets too complicated.
So therefore, I won't unless I was provoked.


enough with this little unmeaningful blabs of mine.. I'm going to bed.. Oyasumi..


Ike at 5/18/2009

May 16, 2009
t'was fun..
won 2nd place in the sketch competiton, won a hokage hat, a dog tag..........

snapping pictures (will update them later.. i swear)...

n meet someone I'm looking forward at other event when I'm in full costume of a prince. (yes, it's a hint >.>)

I hope that person will be there at GACC..

yes, you, you know who you are... Are we not eager to meet again?

hint - taka introduced me to you. LoL. Yeap.

Till we meet again my soon to be victim +smirks+

(in my dark evil mode.. so hush... >=3)

Ike at 5/16/2009

May 15, 2009
My music Part II

hullo my fellow readers!

finally it's part 2!

in this post.. I shall intro you guys with these awesomely, freaking good looking and amazing not to mention, talented guys!


the GazettE!!!!!!!!

from left Aoi, Reita, Ruki, Kai and Uruha

Well... people.. let's get to know with the band members shall we?

first stop.... meet the vocalist Ruki-chan!!!!!!!!!

---+ He is such an adorable person despite the fact he likes to make himself look scary =3= .. He is actually a lovable person and talented! even though he is a vocalist, he can play the drums and play the guitar. A big major plus for an artist like him! The lyrics done in their album was mainly written by him, but the others do help too! so let's take a look of his bio shall we?? +---

Stage name: Ruki
Real name: Takanori Matsumoto
Date of Birth : Febuary 1, 1982
Height: 162 cm (5'3")
Weight: He wont tell! (LOL)
Birthplace : Kanagawa, Japan
Favorite colors: gold, red, black, purple, silver.
Favorite animals: Dogs & cats
Favorite season: Winter
Favorite drink: Kirin Koiwai Apple
Favourite people : A person who knows themselves. Cute, wonderful child (he says "child" but doesn't use it literally)
Disliked person: Dirty and stupid
Best school subject: English and Japanese
Phrase: "Did you lose it? Haa"
Piercing(s): 5 or so on right ear.
Pets: Mr. Squidge (cat) & the late Sabu-chan (dog)
Family: Parents, older brother
Smokes: Pianissimo..He failed to quit.. =<

Previous Band(s): Mikoto, Ma'die Kusse, Kar+te=zyAnose


-Sleeps with his dog.
-Recently Ruki has been licking Uruha's guitar. (a way of servicing those who love uruha/ruki ruki/uruha)
-He's been disowned by his parents, but he says their relationship has gotten a little better.
-Ruki's tried multiply times to stop smoking and failed.
-When he was a child he wanted to be a fireman.
-His childhood nickname was Takasan.
-People say he is a nervous person.
-If he won the lottery he'd go on a shopping spree
-He's shoplifted before (Ohhh! bad boy!)
-In one of his scariest dreams he was almost killed by a cat.

Second, is our Bass player, Reita-kun!

---+ A mysterious looking lad isn't he? Well.. that's maybe because he wears that nose strap almost everytime he appeared beofre the public and his fans. He says that he doesn't feel like it was him if he doesn't wear it. Seriously, this guy has a charming point and and awesome ass (LOL, seriously! even he admitted it in an interview!). Currently, he is my idol which drove me to try my hand on playing the bass. Whoops! I went over board.. on with his bio!! +---

Stage name: Reita
Real Name: Akira Suzuki
Date of Birth: May 27th 1981
Blood-type: A
Height: 172cm (5'7")
Weight: 55kg (110 pounds)
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
Favorite color: Red, white, purple
Favorite animals: Parakeet
Favorite seasons: Spring, he likes the air.
Favorite person: A devoted, loyal person who is kind, giving, and has manners.
Disliked person: A person who uses bad words
Best school subject: Japanese
Piercing(s) : 1 ear left and right

Previous Band(s):Mikoto, Ma'die Kusse, Kar+te=zyAnose


-He says he's gentle, but stubborn
-When he first meets a girl he looks at their figure. (pervy!)
-To him the whole band is his rivals
-Reita wishes he was Aoi cause he can speak 3 Japanese dialects
-If he wasnt in a band he wants to be a candy maker. (aww that is so sweet!)
-He once threw trash under Ruki's bed. (no wonder he bullies you back Reita!)
-His most treasured thing is his fans.
-He says he wants to be macho. (uhuh >.>)
-His childhood nickname is Ue-chan
-Wants everyone to know about Gazette.

Now, we meet Kai-chan!!!!

---+Kai-chan is the most A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E in this band! he has the sweetest smileand the sweetest personality! I swear that who ever hears him laugh or look as his smile will surely melt!!! He is shou glomp-able person and he can cook!! Only western cuisine only. Plus, Kai-chan is the leader of the band. the guys nickname him "Leader-sama"+---

Stage name: Kai
Real Name: Yutaka Uke
Date of Birth: October 28, 1981
Blood-type: B
Height: 172cm (5'7")
Weight: 55kg (110 pounds)
Birthplace: Tokushima, Japan
Favorite color: Black, red, white, green, silver, gold
Favorite animals: Dogs, tiger, crocodiles
Favorite seasons: Winter, he likes Christmas (But they dont celebrate Christmas in Japan)
Favorite Phrase: "Ha! What's this? I wonder what this is!"
Favorite person: An interesting person
Disliked person: A person with too much make up or looks fake
Best school subject: Math
Pirecing(s): Two left ear

Previous band(s) : Mareydi†Creia


-He likes watching One Piece
-His childhood nick name was Yukkun
-He forgets and loses things a lot!
-When he first meets a person he looks at their mouth (Weirdo! haha)
-He says his rival is Reita
-He wants to be Ruki for a day to mess up his room, cause Ruki's too neat and clean
-Kai collects Zippos (A cool lighter. I have one and I'm trying to get more)
-He sleeps naked if no one is around
-He just recently got his licence
-He cooks for the band and makes them lunchs.
-In an interview Kai said he worked at a restruant and the crowd said "Aww" and he laughed.

Next is the charming and stunningly handsome guitarist, Aoi!

---+Some may say he looks alot like Miyavi and too mention a few similarities is that they both are in the same position in their own band (back when Miyavi is in Due Le Quartz) & almost the same piercings. He is the band's lead composer. He may look mature but he is the most playful than the rest in the band.+---

Stage name: Aoi
Real Name: Yuu Shiroyama
Birthdate: Jaunary 20th 1979
Blood-type: A
Height: 171cm (5'7")
Weight: 55kg (110 pounds)
Birthplace: Mie, Japan
Favorite color: White and black
Favorite animals: Cats and dogs
Favorite seasons: Winter
Favorite phrase: "Iie... (No)"
Pickup line: "I like you!"
Favorite person: A person to laugh with.
Disliked person: A person who cools down quick.
Best school subject: Home Ec.
Piercings: 1 lip, 1 right ear, 3 left, 1 navel

Previous Band(s) :Mervilles - Artia


-He wears clothes his fan send him.
-He owns a motorcycle and has two different kinds of licences.
-Aoi enjoys meeting fans.
-To him, Gazette means "The best partner"
-He says his rival is his father.
-The rest of the band says he has anger issues.
-In Nameless Liberty Six Guns tour he stated "I find it funny when people think I'm mature, but I'm the total oppisite."
-He's the oldest in the band.

They say we save the last for the best... And now... Meet the 2nd Guitarist a.k.a the Smex God, Uruha-chan!

---+I know you guys are drooling.. LOL! Isn't he sexy? He is such a sexy, sexy +insert word here+!!!! I swear that half of the band's fan based are majored by his fans.. No seriously.. he even have fanboys.. Lulz! okay~~~ off to his bio---+

Stage name: Uruha
Real Name: Kouyou Takashima
Date of Birth: June 8, 1981
Blood-type: O
Height: 177cm (5'9")
Weight: 62kg (About 136 pounds)
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
Favorite color: Purple, grey/silver, black
Favorite animals: dogs, penguins, ducks, polar bears
Favorite seasons: Spring
Favorite Phrase: "Eh? You're being serious?"
Pickup line: "I like you!"
Favorite person: A person to hold him perfectly
Disliked person: Selfish people
Best school subject: Art
Piercing(s): 4 right ear, 5 left ear

Previous Band(s):Mikoto, Ma'die Kusse, Kar+te=zyAnose


-He's an uncle of two newphews.
-He often hid in his mother's skirt when he was a child (Awww How cute!)
-When he was little he wanted to be a football player...
-His childhood nick name was Shima
-He's a heavy drinker
-When he first meets a person he looks at their mind and heart, personality
-He enjoys teasing Kai
-Uruha once was chased by the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia)
-He likes to be in love. (aww!!!)
-He wants to see the northern lights

-----info of the band--------

taken from

In March 2002, Ruki, Uruha, and Reita (all former band mates), and Aoi and Yune (also former band mates) formed a band under the name Gazette. Originally signed to Matina, they released their first single, "Wakaremichi", and a video release in April. By September they had released two more singles and another video, headlining a show for the first time in October.

In early 2003, Yune decided to leave the band, and he was replaced by Kai. Shortly after, they signed with the PS Company label, and in May released their first EP, Cockayne Soup. They started their first tour, with the band Hanamuke, and along with the tour, the bands collaborated on two songs. A second tour followed with the band Vidoll, and the bands were featured together on the November issue of Cure, a magazine focusing on Visual Kei bands.[3]

In early December they played a co-headlining show with Deadman. On December 28 they performed at Fool's Mate magazine's Beauti-fool's Fest which was later released on DVD.

On January 16, 2004 they recorded a solo performance at the Shibuya-AX, which was released on DVD as Tokyo saihan ~Judgement Day~. On March 30, 2004 they released their Madara mini-album, which reached #2 on the Oricon Indie Charts. Madara was followed in May by a companion DVD, which included six music videos and an in-the-studio documentary. The same month, Gazette was featured in Shoxx magazine's Expect Rush III, a catalogue of independent Visual Kei artists. A second live DVD, Heisei Banka, was released in August. During September and October they toured with fellow PS Company bands Kra and BIS. Their debut album, Disorder, was released in October, and made it to the top 5 of the indies Oricon Daily Charts.

The band spent the remainder of 2004 and 2005 touring extensively, releasing Gama (another mini album) in August.

In 2005 the band released their first major label single, Cassis, in December.

Starting 2006 with a name change—from Japanese characters to a romanized script—they released Nil, their second full-length album, on February 8, 2006,and embarked on another Japanese tour, ending at the venue Nippon Budokan, That July, The Gazette performed at the Beethovenhalle in Bonn, Germany, their first show outside of Asia. The concerts were arranged in conjunction with the AnimagiC anime and manga convention.

Three more singles were released followed by another studio album, Stacked Rubbish on July 4, 2007. It reached #2 on the Oricon charts within a day from the release. The album debut was followed by a promotional tour from July through September. In October, The Gazette started their first European tour stopping England, Finland, France, and Germany.

A single called "Guren" was released on February 13, 2008, which landed a #1 spot on the Oricon Charts, and it was announced that a new DVD would be released in August, and a new single Leech in Autumn 2008, which also landed a #1 spot on the Oricon daily charts.

The Gazette accomplished a one man tour through all of October called "From the Distorted City", referencing to the song "Distorted Daytime" in their single "Leech". It portrays Tokyo as a Distorted City, in terms of the society and political crisis sweeping over Japan in current days. "From the Distorted City" illustrates 'A Message from the Distorted City of Tokyo'.

On November 15, 2008, the GazettE hosted their first Secret Live in Shinjuku Station. Originally, around 250 people were to be anticipated, but instead, over 7000 came to the live, the most in history. Due to the amount of people on the streets, the police were forced to shut it down after two songs. On 3rd January 2009, the GazettE performed alongside their fellow bands signed to the PS company label to celebrate the record labels 10th anniversary where they announce that on March 25, 2009, they will release a new single called "Distress and Coma". In addition to their new single the band have announced that they will be releasing a new album "DIM" on July 15th.

Along with "DIM"'s release, the band will be having another Japan-wide summer tour starting July 2009, the tour final to be on September 5th at Saitama Super Arena.

go check them out nya~~~~ XD

part 3? maybe?

guess I'm in the mood for music!


Ike at 5/15/2009

May 14, 2009
My music Part 1
Seriously........ I have no excuse to why I love to blog so much =/

=D It's addictive.... It's my drug.. LOL

okay... so for this entry.. I'm going to share my music... =3

So let's begin ne?

First off..




雅-miyavi- 382 TOKYO

NAME : 雅-miyavi-
REAL NAME :Takamasa Ishihara
BIRTH DATE : Sep 14th Virgo.
BLOOD TYPE : AB (Half korean/half Japanese)
HEIGHT : 183cm~185cm
DRINK : Water or Protein
COLOR : Black and Pink
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haha.. okay.. i know.. how the hell I know this?
it's all in his official myspace page.. DUH!
This dude is the the god of all guitar gods out there!! He is like nothing you can compare to! No, okay.. not literally but! you should see how he multitask in several few ways when he performs!

He first started of in a band named Dué Le Quartz, an indie/visual kei rock band that rocked the sock of Japan around in 1999 and some a few region who discovered them by accident, thanks to the internet. He was 18 at the moment. Sadly, the band disband in 2002 when their drummer, Kikasa announced his withdrawal due to music difference. Back then he was named Miyabi but changed his name to miyavi when he decided to go solo. He debut his first single Gagaku.

Later on, he signed a contract with Peace and Smile Company and later on with Universal Music Group. This leads him to become a major label artist. His significant changed in music and visual styles after leaving Dué le Quartz caused much of his original audience to disperse, but attracted a new audience. (Yay!)

He calls his fans 仔雅 "co-miyavi". He had his last indies show at the Nippon Budokan. And surprisingly, He held his "fan club event " at the Tokyo Dome. Right after the show that he collaborated with talented artists such as Beat boxer, Tap dancer, Wadaiko (Japanese traditional drum ) etc, he disappeared away from his fans all of a sudden to improve himself for about half a year.

No, seriously, he went to US to study English at a usual language school among people who had come there on their job search from all over the world. His schedule comprised of language school

"From seven in the morning till after noon, after which I went to dance class. Everyday, I had about eight hours of training; dancing, running. Then, I went home to do homework. On the weekends, my friends drove him to Venice Beach and I’d do street performances."

Then in 2007, he joined the band named "S.K.I.N" (a.k.a super group) with Yoshiki from X Japan, Gackt and Sugizo from Luna sea. and performed at the Long beach arena in L.A.
In 2008, he had his first world tour of 33 shows in 14 different countries in North &South America, Europe and Asia. And he was the first ever Japanese rock artist to have successful shows in South America.

From down right down Punk/Indie (I'm not so sure what Dué le Quartz's genre is.. seriously..) to Pop and Acoustic, to collaboration with different genres of music and remix.. he is now " The King of Neo Visual Rock" (LoLz.. okay.. he maybe or maybe not the King of Neo Visual Rock.. but he is a very successful man!). On April 5th, (one day before my birthday!) he "graduated" from PSCompany and launched his own company, J-Glam, Inc., naming himself President Takamasa Ishihara on April 8th following his last live with PSC.

Owh... before I forget.. He is taken!! Married!! (LOL sorry girls...) He got married to a former Pop singer, melody. who is currently on her 7th month. They were married in late March this year. No idea for their baby's gender. Both of them regretted that they weren't the ones to break out the news. (Damn for those nosy paparazzi...) He announced it officially in his myspace blog and apologies to his fans for hiding it away from them. The two were engaged in May 2008 right before miyavi did his tour. (taken from melody.'s blog).

Why do I love this guy?

Aside from his looks, I love his enthusiasm and passion towards music. He cares about his fans and he put his heart and soul every time he sings and when he play his guitar. Take a look on his PVs and live. You can understand what i mean..


Itoshii Hito
Dear My Friend
Jibun Kakumei
Ashita Genki Naare
Kimi Ni Negai Wo
Coo Quack Cluck -Ku. Ku. Ru.-

actually to many LULZ! go check him out! plus.. a new single to debut from after his "graduation" around in July! maybe to celebrate along with his soon to be fatherhood? maybe? =P

part 2 on the way!

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Ike at 5/14/2009

May 13, 2009
hey guys.. yeah.. I know.. I've been blogging... a lot~ yeah.. .

...yeah.. I know.. with those weird forms of poetry and stuff like that..

hahaha seriously..right now

It like as if I'm changing.... Or maybe it's just one of those phase of mine? IDK.. but I'm loving the way how i feel and how i think right now. Everything felt so right and perfect! (Well not so perfect.. LuLz.. nothing and nobody is perfect!) =P

I don't remember how long since I felt so happy like I am today. Seriously, I always had this sense that I am smiling the whole day even in my sleep! (yeap, my dorm friends confirmed to me that I DO SMILE in my SLEEP!). haha as if I am truly at peace.. but not ready to die yet...
I wanted a kid before I die LuLZ! but, seriously, I do find myself hard to hate like I used to back then. Making petty of other people, bashing here and there.. You know? Emo-years are wayyyy behind my back now... heck, I don't even want to go back t those damned years.. It just makes me wanna.. ugh.. I dunno.. emo? XD


so err.. enuff bout my blabs on what i felt.. back to my activities that are soon to be done

well.. this saturday I have Freeze Green even which I had voluntered to join their "Freezing energy/saving energy activity"at 1utama and maybe I'll be catching the latest movie release.. =3=.. I am seriously bored..

any one wanna tag along? =3

Ike at 5/13/2009

let it be this way,

you on the other side of the world,

and me here still and waiting,

but it doesn't matter,

as long i could see that smile of yours,

hearing those childish and happy chuckles ,

It'll be alright... really, seriously..

so keep on moving and keep on living..

cuz I'll be right here waiting and cheering..



Ike at 5/13/2009

May 11, 2009
to the other side of me

never existed in the book that i lived,

but somehow when those hands of yours,

flipped through these old tattered pages,

with eyes of hopes, and that reassuring smile,

burned into my mind.

Living up to your words,

"And without changing anything, we will continue to change, won't we?"

so i moved on,

seeing to that other bright side,

no more worries or doubts,

looking towards the future with hopes.

and should i say?

I'm prone to smiling nowadays,

by remembering your smile and you childish laughters,

unchanging huh? all i could say.

So let's keep it that way and we'll see a couple more years,

for the tommorrow we pursue together.

from ikki

to the other side of me

Ike at 5/11/2009

May 9, 2009
when things just seems uptight,
it's alright to stop,
and sing "lalalalalala"....

so let's just go..



Ike at 5/09/2009

May 8, 2009
1 2 3
lately, I find myself prone to blogging when I'm very, very sleepy. Seriously, these thoughts came gushing like blood being pumped out from a big gash of wound. (haha yes, I know.. but these are what came through my mind right now.. speaking of that.. I think I'm writing down What I'm thinking right now)

So.. yeah.. A series of events happened today. Was dressed into a freaking msn emoticon as a female rockstar with a silly icon head. (fully dressed in a dress + tights) so I'm looking lady-ish only that people don't recognize me since my head is hidden beneath that yellow head emoticon. After a moment making a fool out of myself and enjoying it, this freaking lady came up to me and asked if I'm a she. I nodded. then she asked again, in a very rude manner + loud voice. "How can I be sure? You're not a "pondan" ( drag queen) are you?"

In my head, these words came out. "WTH is your problem old hag?! can't ou clearly see my freaking BOOBS? plus, There's no BULDGE coming through under those tight fabrics? no? And Can't you see my curvy hips?!!! DAmn!!"

and off she go~~... while my colleagues go "....."

Overall, it was tiring today and pissed.. but I managed to get inside I-sock!!

my eyes went *_________*

eveything is soo ^O^

and my brain goes *A*

right now I'm calculating my end of month $$$

so i can go ^w^ when I enter I-socks soon!

Ike at 5/08/2009

May 7, 2009
This is my goodbye..
What is it like to be?

When suddenly things just don't got the way it supposed to be?

What is it like when you realized that this was your final minute to talk with that person and never to meet them again?

Would it be enough by just thinking back of those memories?

would it be enough by looking at those black and white photos?

would it be enough?

No longer hearing those joys of laughter that we shared together...

no more huddling close together sharing those sacred secrets...

No more..

no more..

Everything is in the past..

I am another person..

So do you..

Things had finally took it's turn. Strangers is what we had become..

Dying silently.. Secretly in our own worlds...

We are of what we have become..

And finally I came to realized,

I have never see you as what I thought I once had..

So, then.. Goodbye

Ike at 5/07/2009

May 6, 2009
when life is just more than...
than what you asked?..

hehe... well.. today seems a little bit off from what it should be. Suppose there was a photo session with my Shinobu-koi a.k.a miyavihoney (lol, yes, i must get use to calling her shinobu cuz I need to get myself adjusted for CF. I'm a OOC type of person LOL. so I need to learn my role... hahaha)

SO okay, back to the original topic... Woke up around almost to 8. Got a message from Shinobu-koi saying that she has an emergency call and decided to postpone our photo shoot in the evening. but boo-hoo when the little "kodomos" were sent down under my care. Yeap, I have to babysit. Thank god, I was not in my PMS-ing mood, so I managed to get through babysitting. (despite the fact they almost burned my house down while trying to "help" me cook for lunch and totally went through my wardrobe, and almost rummage through my +coughahemyaoiartschoughahem+). So, had to postpone photo session to Friday and after photosession, will probably be drag to Subang Parade to help my Shinobu-koi by assisting her to find the right camera for her next semester's assignments.

So, while I was babysitting, I managed to get the lil devils to have their nap (thank god!) and while they are doing so, I went through some several videos of J-rockers being interviewed backstage with those hyped up hosts. Saw some comments hating and wanting to kill those poor hyped girls.

I'm like. WTH, they are just doing their job to make the atmosphere more "happy and hype". And usually, one could not help feeling all star struck and star-hyped when you meet those freaking-good-looking-drop-dead-gorgeous-hot-+insert smexy words here+ Jrockers.
Duh~ What would you do if you're in their shoes. I myself couldn't help but to jump up and down like a crazy lil kid that finally got what they wanted. Still remembered the day I got to hug the lead singer of Love Me Butch. I was fucking ecstatic! the dude is like my idolzzzz!!!! but looks like I moved on D= sorry I betray you~~~~~~ LOLZ!

so okay... that finally got out from my system.. ha..

so, right now I find myself wayyyyyy~~~~ to deep into music and had been neglecting a few stuff that I should really get myself involve in.

I'm back in love with music D=

this is bad cuz i shall need a mp3 or better, an ipod! cuz my laptop went to a series of overheating even when i use the cooling pad whenever i open my music player>= Just sent the lil baby this morning to the service by my dad (without me knowing.. damn!) it's a good thing I had backed up my GazettE song collection into my pen drive! Couldn't live without hearing their music. It's like food for my ears LOL. Aoi-sama! Kai-chan! (faints in a fan-girlyway)...

Managed to get intouch with some friends of mine. Ah.. memories.... =3

well.. back to my ordinary life.. except for tomorrow.. ugh you don't wanna know about it.. so yeah..

Ike at 5/06/2009

May 4, 2009
dear my friends~
Dear my friend
Look at the sky, we're now looking at the same sky

No matter how far we're apart same world same generation
Like the sea and the sky if could also be connected somewhere

Dear my friend
If I could follow these clouds I wonder if it would lead to your town

Say "hello"
I tried shouting your name with a big voice into the sky
I truly miss you (haha) though, I can't even see you in my dreams

How, if I could only fly freely into the sky like those birds

Only, there are no wings for me
Instead I can embrace you with these hands
So strongly, as if I envy the birds.

Dear my friend
If I could grab hold of these clouds I wonder if it would take me to where you are

And if we could meet again someday next time I'll grasp your hand tightly
So I can't lose you

Like a bird, like a wind.

It's SO bad but thanks!!!

-lyrics- dear my friend by MYV-sama

it's a fun and happening song.. take a look at the PV it'll made your day!

Ike at 5/04/2009

May 1, 2009
ish back~~~
=3 had a great time today at sky's bday party!!! it was a blast and it was my 1st time eating at Marche' (i think i got that name right.. whatever...

but still it's pricey and it bore a hole in my walet.. but hey.. it was fun =3 so id on't mind much.. LOL

the people is great and awesome.. had a small discussion and all.. =3

we laughed, we chatted and we rocked the place down.. well not really.. oh what the heck.. tomorrow will be another thing tho~ X-men photoshoot at S.alam =)

fufufuuff.. neways.. toodles.. my brain is malfunctioning for today.

Ike at 5/01/2009


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