May 8, 2009
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lately, I find myself prone to blogging when I'm very, very sleepy. Seriously, these thoughts came gushing like blood being pumped out from a big gash of wound. (haha yes, I know.. but these are what came through my mind right now.. speaking of that.. I think I'm writing down What I'm thinking right now)

So.. yeah.. A series of events happened today. Was dressed into a freaking msn emoticon as a female rockstar with a silly icon head. (fully dressed in a dress + tights) so I'm looking lady-ish only that people don't recognize me since my head is hidden beneath that yellow head emoticon. After a moment making a fool out of myself and enjoying it, this freaking lady came up to me and asked if I'm a she. I nodded. then she asked again, in a very rude manner + loud voice. "How can I be sure? You're not a "pondan" ( drag queen) are you?"

In my head, these words came out. "WTH is your problem old hag?! can't ou clearly see my freaking BOOBS? plus, There's no BULDGE coming through under those tight fabrics? no? And Can't you see my curvy hips?!!! DAmn!!"

and off she go~~... while my colleagues go "....."

Overall, it was tiring today and pissed.. but I managed to get inside I-sock!!

my eyes went *_________*

eveything is soo ^O^

and my brain goes *A*

right now I'm calculating my end of month $$$

so i can go ^w^ when I enter I-socks soon!

Ike at 5/08/2009


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