May 26, 2009
ABC me
~Here goes~

You've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with the ABC's of YOU. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you - but not in a creepy stalker kind of way.

A-Ay Ike Jay is my stage/screen name..

B-Boyish and manlier-than-you-attitute is almost exactly how I act.

C-Cosplay is finally become real to me in 2009

D-Drawing is a necessity for me, but I miss it~

E-Edward Elric's temper is equal to mine, not to mention both of us are stubborn.

F-F is the second alphabet in my name

G-Gackt Camui! <3

H-Hate is a strong word, so don't make me hate you.

I-Ike (I-key) or Ikki, which ever is fine with me.

J- Japan is a place where I wanna go cuz I'm soo into it.

K-Kai!!!!!! <3

L-Love is...?

M-miyavi, melody. and miyamel. junior!!!!

N-Not looking and not available unless for hook ups (LOL)

O-Ootoro-sushi, right?

P-Pepper and Salt- main ingredients whenever I cook.

Q-Quadruplets... i want them 8D

R-Ruki & Reita <3

S-Say nothing unless it's important

T-The Gazette!! <3, Takashima Kouyou (uruha)

U-Uruha's pouty lips +fangirl mode+

V-V.V...seriously, I can't pronounce this without pouting my lips.. I suck.. >.>

W-Wolly Wonka

X-Xena the Warrior Princess is something I would like to watch again..

Y-Yutaka Uke (Kai) <3

Z-Zee.. that's how you pronounce it.. LOL

Ike at 5/26/2009


Welcome to Ay Ike Jay's blog..
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I don't give out my real name for some reasons..

You can call me Ay, Ikki, Ike or Jay...

A 1989 baby..

Loves the colour Red and Black

I love anything that is interesting to me.
My interest revolves mainly on art, music, dance and cosplay.

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