May 13, 2009
hey guys.. yeah.. I know.. I've been blogging... a lot~ yeah.. .

...yeah.. I know.. with those weird forms of poetry and stuff like that..

hahaha seriously..right now

It like as if I'm changing.... Or maybe it's just one of those phase of mine? IDK.. but I'm loving the way how i feel and how i think right now. Everything felt so right and perfect! (Well not so perfect.. LuLz.. nothing and nobody is perfect!) =P

I don't remember how long since I felt so happy like I am today. Seriously, I always had this sense that I am smiling the whole day even in my sleep! (yeap, my dorm friends confirmed to me that I DO SMILE in my SLEEP!). haha as if I am truly at peace.. but not ready to die yet...
I wanted a kid before I die LuLZ! but, seriously, I do find myself hard to hate like I used to back then. Making petty of other people, bashing here and there.. You know? Emo-years are wayyyy behind my back now... heck, I don't even want to go back t those damned years.. It just makes me wanna.. ugh.. I dunno.. emo? XD


so err.. enuff bout my blabs on what i felt.. back to my activities that are soon to be done

well.. this saturday I have Freeze Green even which I had voluntered to join their "Freezing energy/saving energy activity"at 1utama and maybe I'll be catching the latest movie release.. =3=.. I am seriously bored..

any one wanna tag along? =3

Ike at 5/13/2009


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