May 14, 2009
My music Part 1
Seriously........ I have no excuse to why I love to blog so much =/

=D It's addictive.... It's my drug.. LOL

okay... so for this entry.. I'm going to share my music... =3

So let's begin ne?

First off..




雅-miyavi- 382 TOKYO

NAME : 雅-miyavi-
REAL NAME :Takamasa Ishihara
BIRTH DATE : Sep 14th Virgo.
BLOOD TYPE : AB (Half korean/half Japanese)
HEIGHT : 183cm~185cm
DRINK : Water or Protein
COLOR : Black and Pink
PEOPLE : MuddyWaters /Keb..Mo.. / Raul Midon / Preston Reed / Keziah Jones / Ani Difranco / Savion Gloover / Chris Cunningham / Floria SigiMondi / Mondino / David Lachapelle / Magritte / Basquiat / Brian Hugh Warner / 前田慶次郎(Keijirou Maeda) / 荒木飛呂彦(Hirohiko Araki) / 伊藤若冲 (Jakuchu Ito) / 姜尚中(Kang-sang-jung) / Steve Jobs / Hide-san / Fujiike-san / Kicchomu-san / Golugo13(sniper)
BRAND John Galliano / Dress Camp / Artful Dodger / Betsey Johnson / Room No.382
GUITARS : Gibson J-45 (1956) / National Style-O ()/ Rainsong JM1000 / YAMAHA FG-2500 (1971) Fender Bass6 (1959) / Taylor T-5 / Killer Flying-Y (original)/ Dragon fly 4 S.K.I.N (original)
UNDER WEAR : Playboy
SHADES : Christian roth / Mark Jacobs / Dior
PERFUME : Yvessaintlaurent Baby Doll / Dior addict
SPECIALITY : Singin', Dancin' and Smilin'

haha.. okay.. i know.. how the hell I know this?
it's all in his official myspace page.. DUH!
This dude is the the god of all guitar gods out there!! He is like nothing you can compare to! No, okay.. not literally but! you should see how he multitask in several few ways when he performs!

He first started of in a band named Dué Le Quartz, an indie/visual kei rock band that rocked the sock of Japan around in 1999 and some a few region who discovered them by accident, thanks to the internet. He was 18 at the moment. Sadly, the band disband in 2002 when their drummer, Kikasa announced his withdrawal due to music difference. Back then he was named Miyabi but changed his name to miyavi when he decided to go solo. He debut his first single Gagaku.

Later on, he signed a contract with Peace and Smile Company and later on with Universal Music Group. This leads him to become a major label artist. His significant changed in music and visual styles after leaving Dué le Quartz caused much of his original audience to disperse, but attracted a new audience. (Yay!)

He calls his fans 仔雅 "co-miyavi". He had his last indies show at the Nippon Budokan. And surprisingly, He held his "fan club event " at the Tokyo Dome. Right after the show that he collaborated with talented artists such as Beat boxer, Tap dancer, Wadaiko (Japanese traditional drum ) etc, he disappeared away from his fans all of a sudden to improve himself for about half a year.

No, seriously, he went to US to study English at a usual language school among people who had come there on their job search from all over the world. His schedule comprised of language school

"From seven in the morning till after noon, after which I went to dance class. Everyday, I had about eight hours of training; dancing, running. Then, I went home to do homework. On the weekends, my friends drove him to Venice Beach and I’d do street performances."

Then in 2007, he joined the band named "S.K.I.N" (a.k.a super group) with Yoshiki from X Japan, Gackt and Sugizo from Luna sea. and performed at the Long beach arena in L.A.
In 2008, he had his first world tour of 33 shows in 14 different countries in North &South America, Europe and Asia. And he was the first ever Japanese rock artist to have successful shows in South America.

From down right down Punk/Indie (I'm not so sure what Dué le Quartz's genre is.. seriously..) to Pop and Acoustic, to collaboration with different genres of music and remix.. he is now " The King of Neo Visual Rock" (LoLz.. okay.. he maybe or maybe not the King of Neo Visual Rock.. but he is a very successful man!). On April 5th, (one day before my birthday!) he "graduated" from PSCompany and launched his own company, J-Glam, Inc., naming himself President Takamasa Ishihara on April 8th following his last live with PSC.

Owh... before I forget.. He is taken!! Married!! (LOL sorry girls...) He got married to a former Pop singer, melody. who is currently on her 7th month. They were married in late March this year. No idea for their baby's gender. Both of them regretted that they weren't the ones to break out the news. (Damn for those nosy paparazzi...) He announced it officially in his myspace blog and apologies to his fans for hiding it away from them. The two were engaged in May 2008 right before miyavi did his tour. (taken from melody.'s blog).

Why do I love this guy?

Aside from his looks, I love his enthusiasm and passion towards music. He cares about his fans and he put his heart and soul every time he sings and when he play his guitar. Take a look on his PVs and live. You can understand what i mean..


Itoshii Hito
Dear My Friend
Jibun Kakumei
Ashita Genki Naare
Kimi Ni Negai Wo
Coo Quack Cluck -Ku. Ku. Ru.-

actually to many LULZ! go check him out! plus.. a new single to debut from after his "graduation" around in July! maybe to celebrate along with his soon to be fatherhood? maybe? =P

part 2 on the way!

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