May 23, 2009
My Music part 3 : Gackt Camui
Gackt during Malice Mizer phase

Name: Gackt Camui
Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan
Hometown: Kyoto, Japan
Blood Type: A
Pets: Mei (cat), Belle Constantine Chappy a.k.a. Belle (dog)
Hobbies: driving, dating, playing billards, martial arts
Height: 180 cm (around 5' 10")
Weight: 50 - 80 kg (around 130 lbs)
Foods: Bananas, Wine, Spaghetti, Kimchi, tea
Habits: smoking, seeing dead people
Instruments: Drums, Trombone, Trumpet, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Tuba
Languages: Japanese, Mandarin, French, English
Currently Learning: Korean, Cantonese

color: Black and White
drink: Vodka
manga: Banana Fish
song: Stairway to Heaven, Beauty and Harmony
singer: Yoshida Miwa, Crystal King, Metallica
movies: Braveheart, Primal Fear, The Game, City of Angels, Soldier, Scent of a Woman
actor/actress: Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan, John Travolta, Brad Pitt,
Nicholas Cage

It all began after I had an argument with my Shinobu-chin about certain J-artists and what not. Then, his name came up...I was not that interested with him until I decided to give a look on his So.. lemme introduce you guys who and what "Gackt" is.

First of all, "Gackt" is a name. Gackt is a man. Gackt is a LADIES man.

"Camui Gackt" is a stage name or, well really, the name everyone refers
to him by. The name given to him at birth is unknown, and you'll probably
hear a lot of rumors about it. But you can call him Gackt. Because
Japanese names are written opposite of English names, his last name is
Camui and his first name is Gackt. Gackt is said exactly how it's spelled
- Gackt. Because of how Japanese is structured, anyone with an accent
will pronouce it as "Gakuto" instead. Either way is fine.

To continue, Gackt says that he was born July 4th, 1540, which would
make him 466 years old. He looks mighty fine for his age, doesn't he? Yeah, ridiculous, but it's his choice to hide his true identity, after all.. he is a visual kei artist. Like his birth name, his birth date is also unknown.

"Can't you tell me ANY hard fact?"

Well, fine, no need to get cranky. Gackt was born in Okinawa, Japan, with a mixed ethnic background, but the large majority being Japanese. He speaks Japanese, English, French, Mandarin, and probably a lot of other languages. His blood type is A.

And his hobby(s?) are martial arts, and billards. He's a little under 6 feet tall, ~very~ lean, and has the bad habit of smoking. He prefers night to day, hates sweets, and prefers candle light over electric. It's said that the only lights on in his home are always candles. (yeah romantic. Well, yes, unless you're trying to read or to just find your way around the house without bumping into anything. I'm sure the people who visit have their way around memorized.)

Gackt's personality, at least in the public eye, is always a funny sight to see. Although he tries not to smile or laugh too much, Gackt is always saying the funniest things, sometimes without even the intention to do so. He's a perfectionist, and if he sees you doing something better then him,
you better bet he'll get better then you in a short time. However, he's always willing to try anything once, even when it makes him look like a complete fool. Although Gackt is very talented and very popular, he never seems to take himself too seriously. (We haven't caught him exclaiming "Ore sama no bigi ni yoi na~" yet.) The most common way people who stalk follow Gackt online is 'a dork'. Ah. To know Gackt is to love him. >.> yush and I found to be so~~~

OK, now, what does this individual do?. I will tell you.....

Gackt is what is known as a JRock Singer. "JRock?" you say. "What's that?" JRock is a special term used for a Japanese Rock Singer.but i think he is a visual kei.. meh.. whatever.. Since Gackt's music spans a variety of styles.. so.. meh..

He started of as being a part of Mailce Mizer, but then he became a solo artist along with his bandmates, of whom are referred to as 'GacktJOB'. In 2007, he joined a superband, S.K.I.N, singing along side famous names; Miyavi, Yoshiki and Sugizo. Still, he is working with 'GacktJOB' and doesn't seem as if he will ever leave.. and thus, making S.K.I.N look lifeless..( it's been two years! Where are the live DVDs guys!!! >.>)

Doesn't he do anything else?...
Well, of course he does. Gackt writes and composes his music, as well as plays such instruments as the piano, guitar, drums, trombone, trumpet, bass, and tuba, although he really only plays piano and guitar on stage. Wow!.. yes WOW is a good word. Gackt is a talented individual. He sings in Japanese, with an occasional English lyric. He also has sung two songs in English and one in Mandarin during his solo career.

Gackt as KENSHIN UESUGI in Fuurin Kazan

But Gackt is not just a singer! Gackt is also an actor.'
singers-turned-actors normally suck!
Well, I can't say you're wrong, but in Gackt's case, his acting has gotten better. Gackt most recently starred in the movie "Moon Child", and was quite good for the character he portrayed. Moon Child is available overseas if you would like to check it out. Currently, fans are drooling over his character Kenshin Uesugi in Fuurin Kazen. Gackt also appears in a lot of commercials and music shows, and even has a video game character modeled after him! In other words: Gackt is nearly everywhere!

Main Character from Bujingai

so.. yeah~~~ go check him out~!~ XD


Ike at 5/23/2009


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