May 25, 2009
Rumors~~ pffft!!!!
so yeah,

things just love~~~ to go around the net. and these are some of the ones i stumbled upon~

(i'll elaborate in my style cuz i dun want some people start accusing one another..)

This said person claims that this certain artists are covering up their acts on their affair. The said person stated that these artists are not coming clean about their relationship despite being married just because the male artist had other affairs before their marriage and had been considering to marry someone else. And he commented that the said male artist looked so stressed due to this problem

+from here on will be my rants and etc.. if you want to read go on~.. like i said Irant+

Guys, the dude is happy with his wife!! WTF is wrong with you people anyways?! Can't you just be happy for him? He finally found his (hopefully) one true love out of those other biatches in the industry he is in! Can't you see how supportive she is towards him!

She does not stop him from making music.
She does not refrain him from making concerts.
She does not restrict him from his fans.
She does not had to do anything which will make him stop seeing us.

So why can't you leave this couple alone?!

They LOVE each other.
They CHERISH each other.
They SUPPORT each other.

Stewpid rumors won't tear them apart! Get a freaking life! Even though the tabloids tagged their names under "SHOT GUN MARRIAGE" because she was pregnant doesn't mean the guy doesn't love her. It doesn't mean that they have to date for years to finally settle down. It was written in their lives that they were meant for each other!

MYV-sama is not a monkey for you obsessed fangirls.

He is a human. Just like every other and he deserved of what he has not. He deserved to have that special someone which does not "drool-all-over-and-being-an-idiot". He deserve the woman he has and the child that is to be born by the end of July.

Before i forget..... Of course he looks old and tired! He is growing old and growing mature! And he couldn't get enough sleep because he worked his ass off for his fans for god's sake! Did you guys ever think of that?!


+end of Irant+


some prick went around in myspace calling meevs a gay and a homo.. well he got his reply at meev's blog.. hahah call that a direct reply!!

from meev's myspace blog:-

i got some fanmails which said that someone wrote that i was a gay or something,

and i checked the comments on my page.

my dear fans,

thank u for defending me.

but i dont want u to attack him or use some bad words like what im always

u guys know that im not so weak.

my staff checks the comments and gets rid of comments that shouldnt be on there everyday.

and im assuming that he wants me to be a gay and to divorce or sleep with him.lmao

that's it.

lets just think of everything in a positive way!!

anyway thanks for thinking about me everyone.

i love u everyday.

tonite, ill specially show u guys this logo for my fanclub C.W.I.F. -Co-miyavi Worldwide International Family-.

i strongly felt that i wanted to make a big family in the world when i got the news of my baby.

so please lets unite,

and shake hands with the one who is next to u.

(sorry, can't put the logo here... I'm respecting his rights and you guys can google for the logo)


Ike at 5/25/2009


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