May 6, 2009
when life is just more than...
than what you asked?..

hehe... well.. today seems a little bit off from what it should be. Suppose there was a photo session with my Shinobu-koi a.k.a miyavihoney (lol, yes, i must get use to calling her shinobu cuz I need to get myself adjusted for CF. I'm a OOC type of person LOL. so I need to learn my role... hahaha)

SO okay, back to the original topic... Woke up around almost to 8. Got a message from Shinobu-koi saying that she has an emergency call and decided to postpone our photo shoot in the evening. but boo-hoo when the little "kodomos" were sent down under my care. Yeap, I have to babysit. Thank god, I was not in my PMS-ing mood, so I managed to get through babysitting. (despite the fact they almost burned my house down while trying to "help" me cook for lunch and totally went through my wardrobe, and almost rummage through my +coughahemyaoiartschoughahem+). So, had to postpone photo session to Friday and after photosession, will probably be drag to Subang Parade to help my Shinobu-koi by assisting her to find the right camera for her next semester's assignments.

So, while I was babysitting, I managed to get the lil devils to have their nap (thank god!) and while they are doing so, I went through some several videos of J-rockers being interviewed backstage with those hyped up hosts. Saw some comments hating and wanting to kill those poor hyped girls.

I'm like. WTH, they are just doing their job to make the atmosphere more "happy and hype". And usually, one could not help feeling all star struck and star-hyped when you meet those freaking-good-looking-drop-dead-gorgeous-hot-+insert smexy words here+ Jrockers.
Duh~ What would you do if you're in their shoes. I myself couldn't help but to jump up and down like a crazy lil kid that finally got what they wanted. Still remembered the day I got to hug the lead singer of Love Me Butch. I was fucking ecstatic! the dude is like my idolzzzz!!!! but looks like I moved on D= sorry I betray you~~~~~~ LOLZ!

so okay... that finally got out from my system.. ha..

so, right now I find myself wayyyyyy~~~~ to deep into music and had been neglecting a few stuff that I should really get myself involve in.

I'm back in love with music D=

this is bad cuz i shall need a mp3 or better, an ipod! cuz my laptop went to a series of overheating even when i use the cooling pad whenever i open my music player>= Just sent the lil baby this morning to the service by my dad (without me knowing.. damn!) it's a good thing I had backed up my GazettE song collection into my pen drive! Couldn't live without hearing their music. It's like food for my ears LOL. Aoi-sama! Kai-chan! (faints in a fan-girlyway)...

Managed to get intouch with some friends of mine. Ah.. memories.... =3

well.. back to my ordinary life.. except for tomorrow.. ugh you don't wanna know about it.. so yeah..

Ike at 5/06/2009


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