Jun 3, 2009
amusing myself
How I wished everything is not as hard as it seems now. Not as complicated as we all seemed to think. But it seems that whatever it is, God is trying to imply that life is all about making decisions. Decisions. A word I find myself to not to like it. Had I let out a heavy sigh as I stood before two doors.

Doors which I had to choose either one of them.

One which looks magnificient and marvelous, while the other look simple yet offers more than how it looks.

Should I choose the one that might leead me to Wealth, a man that offers alot of things?

Or should I choose the one that is less interesting, yet brings a whole lot more to a person named Life? A part of me urged to take on the fame and fortune, while the heart told me otherwise.

Greed came to me, fueling me with those promising words. Wealth, Fame..
Those two things that a human had ever craved for to be with. Had he dragged me to the door, but came in Sense. Putting a halt on my pace, pulling me away from Greed, right back to the first spot I had stood.

Then, came in Logic into the picture. Together, with Sense, she reasoned with me.. About the possibilities I could achieve if I do every single thing along with Heart and Soul.

So here I stood...

Still trying to make up my mind..

A muse I kept to myself this whole time.. and wondered if I could choose between these two doors.

Ike at 6/03/2009


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