Jun 28, 2009

ahahaha.. yes pepol!! today I'm less angsty and more cheerful after having my rest..

so last weekend, I went to Sun-U Animangaki. For first timers, these amazing people eventually pulled off an amazing event!!!! I had loads loads loads of fun despite lack of sleep due to being anxious to wait for this day. hahahah.. No really.

okay let's recap on day 1

On the first day I managed to sleep around 4 o'clock and to be awaken at 6. Fell asleep and awaken one hour later to rush off to get ready into my costume. @___@ well.. not really a costume if you are doing Light Yagami. I was doing the 'working version'. orz.. should have bring along a red apple, my own Death Note and wear a platform!!! God, it's such an embarrassment for me and my cosplay partner Tara-san. I am so very much shorter than my Misa and the rest of the other 5 Misas in the hall @___@;;; imagine that.. hahahah.. Will seriously going to make a remake of our Death Note group in the future with a taller Light. Ne, Tara-san.. actually it's alright if you want to cling to my arms. Just don't hesitate ^^ We are a couple at that moment and we did agree to be in a group. So... yeah ^^.

Besides that, cheered for Sky and Yuoichi when they performed nico nico douga. even though they did not win the karaoke competition, still they do it in the name of having fun and enjoying the moment. After the cheering for them, had done a few Death Note photo session. Then, we went for lunch and found out the cafeteria only have 2 stalls open. WTF.. still we have our lunch.. LOL

uhmm.. and then... I guess I've been loitering around after my Misa went off.

After the event, went to the huddle and meet up with the other ES21 cosers. 8DD unbelievable on how many Hani and Anna managed to rope in a lot of cosers.. So we had dinner (my meal was the last to arrive due to a problem they say). So, when my food arrive... I gobble my food liek a pig XDDDD I was hungry la wei and I think I gobbled down the steak under 5 minutes minus sharing with the others.. ahahaha.. orz.. yeah.. the girls said my appetite is like a guy's. Yes, I have a pretty damn big appetite.

orz.. and then a lil drama happened when Yuo / Marco went missing.. Hohohoho.. We were scared the shit of our lives but thank god she was found by Ezard. It was around close to midnight where she was spotted near Hani's housing areas.

stayed up until 4 a.m again to iron my costume for tomorrow's event. DAMN IT'S SO FRAKING HARD TO IRON THE STUBBORN WRINKLES AWAY!!!!

then went straight to bed after having a dose of Yaoi and Aoi/Kai fluff fanfic.

lolz.. okay now Day TWO...

Sky picked me and my cousin from my house around 11a.m and went straight to Hani's place cuz my cosplay partner Yuo was there and she's suppose to be Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.

We get ourselves ready from Hani's house since our costume is very the much troublesome and tot think we would change at the event.... such hassle! Except for Yuo's skirt. Ahahaha.. help her to change over at the event because tak muat kereta lah kalau die pakai skirt.. SO by the time we had finally change and securing my cosplay partner so she won't go missing, we took the crowd for a few minutes when we made our not-so-grand-but-still-a-bit-grand-because-people-just-love-Clamp-and-we-are-doing-the-lovey-dovey-couple-shaoran and sakura-so-we-kinda-entered-the-hall-with-a-grand-entry-kind-of-way.

I was about to eat my doughnut and my Sakura had just had her drink can opened when we were approached by some people to take pictures of us. At the moment I was holding a pair of jeans and thank god Reno is around. XD Hired Reno as our butler for 5 minutes. He is a good butler and always will be. LOL

XD the most epic thing happened on that day is that we were dubbed as the lovey-dovey couple. LOLz... yes.. we heard people squealing and ogling us from afar. Pfft.. Can't blame them cuz Yuo and I practically are clingy and lovey dovey kind of people. (Poor to my future partner... I'm obsessive ad clingy! >D) At one point, we actually stood out in the middle of the hall dancing to the slow music LOL. ( I wonder if there's any candids of those moments). Then, Tomoyo/Sky came in with Kurogane/Dante. XDD

Dante is ever-ly so Kakoi for being our Kurogane. Seriously the dude even have an instant fan from a passerbyer while we were doing a photo shoot. lucky you man~~~ XD

But due to our photo session, we missed the last dance back at the hall.. yet redeemed when a few songs came up. LOLz.. oh yeah, we even got a few 'kids' XD This one guy approached us wanting a picture together and said he'll be the son in the picture. OMG so cool la that guy.. ahahaha.. Btw the pics will be up soon in my myspace and my facebook.. 8DDDD

buh bye pepols i has too goo NAO!

+sorry for the horrible grammar, rojak bahasa and english and the spelling mistakes+

Ike at 6/28/2009


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