Jun 19, 2009
Gazette Meme (lol yes I was bored)

1. Name
Not disclosing em.. =P

2. Birthplace
3rd planet from the sun.

3. How long have you been a Gazette fan?
if you meant being a fan girl that goes "OMG!! I'M LIEK DYING HAPPILY TO SEE THEM"*squeals annoyingly* or "I'M GONNA KILL THAT BIATCH FOR BEING WITH THEM" i have never... but fan-ing all over their music and the messages they are trying to say through and appreciating the beauty of their visual art... I would say close to 1 year.

4. How did you first come across Gazette?
randomly typing something on youtube (yes, the wonderful world of youtube.. so please PSC, it's the only place where i know moar great artist from your company!!)

5. Who's your favourite member?
AOI! enuf said.. orz wait.. a lil of KAI too! XD but imma stick to AOI

6. What do you like about your favourite member:
1- he is a dork who is in denial on his age.
2- he is a food lover and would complain if there is no food.
3- he is shy and a loner (LOL)
4- he is just being silly about being careful
5- he is a great musician and i love his guitar skills.

7. Something you don't know, but would like to know about that member:
nah, I would prefer he himself telling what he wants to tell, even though the temptation to know more is overwhelming. I respect him to lead a double life so he could live peacefully. Same applies to the other members..

8. Which of the members have you written letters or fanmail to?
all the five of em XDD mostly to Kai.. D= his recent looks worries me. he should get more rest.. a leader or not, he should not kill himself because of overworking!

9. Something about you that changed when you became a fan of Gazette:
I appreciate the art of make up as I myself is a photographer. Wonders of make ups..

10. Your favourite Gazette song and why:
Personal fav?... currently, I would say Guren. It hits deep when the lyrics sinks in.

11. The song you'd like to hear most at lives:
Social Riot Machines

12. The song you listen to when you feel down or sad:
Ride with the J-rockers or something really crazy from them.

13. When you are ill, the song that makes you feel better:
uhhh...... I'm not sure. I don't listen to music when I'm feeling ill.

14. The song you listen to when you are happy:
Art Drawn by Vomit, Cassis, Wakaremichi, Last Bouquet, LOLz.. ok.. i listen to all of em! but Silly God Disco got me going!

15. The song which influenced you the most:
if you mean on my art work.. I would say Guren and Nausea and Shudder =D

16. The first Gazette song you ever heard:
Filth in Beauty.. no doubt bout it.

17. Is there a song you can sing perfectly without having to look at the lyrics?
Silly God Disco and Guren!

18. A Gazette song you'd like to sing at Karaoke:
omg.. Guren and Chizuru

19. Have you seen Gazette live?
I hope in the future...

20. If you have, what were your thoughts? If you haven't, are you planning on attending a live and how?
One day when I'm no longer depending on my parents.. whee

21. At violent Gazette lives, where do you always stand? Or if you haven't been, where would you like to stand?
the closest to Aoi's side. fo sho babe!

22. What style do you (or would you like to) attend Gazette lives in? (Clothes, make-up, etc)
depends on the season.. but a simple tee and jeans would do.. no make ups.. my skin is sensitive enuf...

23. Name a few necesseties for attending a Gazette live:
a change of clothes!

24. Do you (or would you) always fill out the after-live questionnaire?
i wouldn't know...

25. Something you've started collecting because of Gazette:
In planning... =w=.

26. Which Gazette costume series do you like most?
I personally love Silly God Disco and Disorder

27. One item you like in Gazette's goods range: (Or if you don't own any, one thing you'd like to have)
.....i have nooo idea...

28. Your cellphone's ringtone:
my personal mix

29. Your cellphone's wallpaper:
A silhouette of a snake

30. Cellphone strap:

31. PC wallpaper:
Aoi-kun from ProTools HD mag.

32. Does your email address have something to do with Gazette?
nope.. it's too obvious..

33. A place you go to frequently:
the mall..

34. Your favourite shop:
ehh.. i don't know i don't really have one.. though i miss Kinokuniya haha

35. Your favourite CD shop:
i don't have one...

36. A magazine you read frequently:
i don't read magazines

37. Recommended CD:

38: Do you have pets?
it's a zoo here

39. Do you visit the Gazette OHP frequently? Which page within do you visit the most?
yes i do! it's very cool... um, i often go to the News page..not as frequently as I used too

40. An artist other than Gazette who you think is noteworthy:
too may to list.. too little time..

41. An artist you like out of those signed to PS Company:
none that i could think of...

42. A member whose words you were surprised by: (in a magazine article, MC, radio show etc)
Reita to be soo wise with his words.. and to know Kai is a very optimistic and confident person... too confident actually..

43. If you could become one of the members for a day, who would you become and why?
I wanna be Reita~~ XDD and I just feel like it. XD maybe because I want to know what that little blond head of his was thinking all the time?

44. If the world ceased to exist tomorrow, which member would you like to spend your last day with?
I think it would be Aoi.. orz no.. maybe Ruki?.. oh no.. Uruha!! no no.. Reita would do.. but Kai.. XDDD okay can't choose.. I want to be with them all.. LOLZ

45. Which member would you like to go to karaoke with?
Ruki! Even though I know I might lose to him LOLZ.

46. Which member would you like to go drinking with?
if it's coffee.. maybe with Aoi but if it's to the bar.. Uruha for sure.. but then again he drinks too fast and it will be a big bummer...

47. Which member would you like to go to an oshare bar with?
of course KAI!!! duh~~ LOLZ.. but i don't really like oshare =/

48. Which member would you like to cook for?
Aoi, he semed to be please as long there's food...

49. Please arrange the members according to who you think would change the most when drunk (least changed to most changed):
Uruha-Aoi-Reita-Ruki-Kai... .___. maybe?

50. Please arrange the members according to who you think would make the longest telephone calls from shortest to longest:
I'm sure Kai would be the longest cuz he is the leader. so it's Kai-Ruki-Uruha-Reita-Aoi

51. If you had to substitute in a Gazette live, which part would you choose to play?
the crowds XDD

52. One thing you like about Gazette (physical):
their hairstyle and piercings =w=


53. Your first impression about Ruki:
fashion-wise. I love all of his hairstyles.

54. What name do you call him by?
Ruki-chan / Ruki o chibi <---- please don't kill me.

55. Are you good at drawing?
I'm and art student. what do you think?

56. Have you fallen off of a jungle gym?
uh yeah... no pain no gain..

57. If Ruki was really your brother, friend, lover etc, how would you feel?
I would feel proud for him if he is under friend and brother but as a lover, I would feel quite unsafe cuz Japanese fangirls are scary.. Would have to hide my identity all the way.. +swt+


58.Your first impression about Uruha:
Goddess!!! Just like his stage name!

59. What name do you call him by?
Urupon! or duckie lips!

60. Did you know at first that his name was pronounced "Uruha"?
yeah.. why? was it not suppose to?

61. Do you gargle every day?
..wtf with the question?

62. If Uruha was really your brother, friend, lover etc, how would you feel?
1. I would like him to pass his make up artist's number
2. I would like him to bring back alot of pretty souvenirs whenever duty calls.
3. I would totally love him no make up or no make up short pants or no short pants.. well.. he did wore a skirt back when they 1st started XD;;;


63. Your first impression about Aoi:
WTH is a Miyavi look-a-like is doing in this band? oh hey, I like his guitar skills! and his half-skirt-half pants is cool!!

64. What name do you call him by?
Aoi-sama/Prince of Darkness & Dorkyness

65. Do you have a lip/navel piercing?
no.. I can't pull those off and look pretty.. =<

66. Were you born in the city?

67. If Aoi was really your brother, friend, lover etc, how would you feel?
if he was my brother and friend, I would so be proud of him for he had left for Tokyo in determinace to be in a band. It was a stupid move.. really but things work out and I can never be really more proud for him... As a lover? oh.. tempting question.. this is one hard guy to please.. seriously.. I would most likely stressed out my definition of being a couple differs wayyy from his view.. Aoi get a family already! you are already 30!!!


68. Your first impression about Reita:
I f*cking love his hair and his bass skill.. He is my God of Bass.

69. What name do you call him by?
Reita / Dork-ita

70. What do you call the thing he wears on his nose?
noseband. what? is it not suppose to be called a noseband? Chicks and dude digs it LOL!

71. Out of the Shinkansen, which do you think is the fastest?
the radar jet.

72. If Reita were really your brother, friend, lover etc, how would you feel?
I would personally be the one teasing him and calling him a dork cuz he is such a nice and fluff-related person. He likes to fool around so I'm sure being a friend or relative is so much more fun when it's with him. A lover? I would be tempted to test his patience.


73. Your first impression about Kai:
hey he may be the one which seems to be forgotten, but when he smiles, the rest will be forgotten! =D

74. What name do you call him by?

75. Are you good at cooking?
I suck big time.. seriously.. D=

76. Where do you think the state of New Jersey is?
do i look like i care with this question?

77. If Kai were really your brother, friend, lover etc, how would you feel?
I would be so happy and obligated to make him happy and smile. He is the sunshine of the group. any one will melt whenever he smiles and laugh. Its contagious. Bless you Kai!


78. Represent each member with just one or two kanji (if you don't know kanji, describe each member with just one word):
[fails at knowing lots of kanji ;_____;]
1. Ruki - Chibi
2. Aoi - Big brother (hahaa sorry)
3. Uruha - Creative
4. Kai - happy! 幸
5. Reita - Mystery

79. Compare each member to an animal:
1. Ruki - Chihuahua
2. Aoi - Wild Horse
3. Uruha - Horse or Peacock
4. Kai - Cat or Rabbit
5. Reita -Parrot

80. Compare each member to a colour:
Ruki - Gold
Aoi - Black and White
Uruha - Purple
Kai - soft but brivant colour!
Reita - Red

81. According to you, Gazette is:
One of the best indie bands which tries on every different type of sounds. They bring along some messages through their songs which quite need a few time to understand after sorting it out. Their art in music and visual on stage had never failed to amaze me. They are gifted musicians and deserved the fame they have now.

82. Your expectations from now on for Gazette:
Ganbaro minna! Will always cheer for you guys and will start collecting your albums right after i graduate!

Ike at 6/19/2009


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