Jun 12, 2009
Junjou Terrorist photo session and more to come!!!
Today is one of the longest most challenging day in the history of my modeling life. LOLZ.. yeah..
No, I don't model for those fashionable clothes etc.. I model for a cosplay photo shoot.

It was long and hectic, and if you asked what character I did? Well.. It's hard to explain cuz it's not a mainstream anime/manga and only hardcore fans knows this.

If any one recognize Miyagi You, that's my character. XD and yeah it's a male character. A 30 something Language Lecturer with a laid back attitute and a heavy smoker. He tends not to care much about things around him but he actually do cares for people who is attached to him. Yeah, it's from a romance manga/anime and quite cracky too.

Not suitable for the weak heart if you want to look up. Don't tell me i didn't warned you~~~ *wink*

Oh, and for tommorrow, I will be doing two photo sessions. One in the morning as Deidara from Naruto and in he evening as Kururugi Suzaku from Code Geass.. =3

Yeah, hectic.. I know~~~

Ike at 6/12/2009


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