Jun 29, 2009
random pictures at Animangaki bebeh!!!!
1st day of Animangaki
(camwhore version only. no proper pictures in my hands yet)

Character: Light Yagami black version
Anime/Manga: Death Note

3 and 1/2 bachelors are up for grabs ladies! Choose your man!
lolz, fooling around with Beat's PSP camera. Pulling off our macho looks along with those cool aura. hahahah..

Light Yagami's 1001 on How to Get to a Girl's Heart.
Tip number 394:-

Take her by surprise everytime you have the chance to do so. Girls love surprises even if it's at the most random time place and moment. They love attention from their man.
Bonus: Flowers always do the trick.

Day 2 at Animangaki (camwhore version)

Character: Shaoran
Anime/Manga: Tsubasa Reservior Chronicles

Barret is taking pictures with the lovey-dovey couple of the day. Yes, my Sakura and I was dubbed as the lovey-dovey couple. Our sweetness as a couple caused a few passerbyers have cavaties. We cling to each other for the whole day and people even passed me as a guy! XD how sweet is that?!

Too bad we missed the final dance. D= could have pawned the hall.. LOL

The sweet sweet couple~~~~ ahahahahahha. I think I would want to do this couple again with Yuoichi. => had fun when doing so~~~ whee~~

*all the pictures are creditted to their rightful owner -shawn, andrew and beatbox*

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Ike at 6/29/2009


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