Jun 24, 2009
Transformers and IRant.
Hey yo Pepol!!!!

life have been great after the last 12 hours.

I managed to catch Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen at Sunway Pyramid. It is one cool movies I tell ya. Loving the graphic and the humour. I'm seriously in deep debt towards Michael Bay for making me to actually love this old school cartoon. I missed how much I was devoted to it back when I was young where I would switch on FoxKids and wait for it. LOL yea... such wonderful memories...

Watched it together with my shinobu-chin. XD she just woke up when I sent a message to meet up. LAwL. Such a lucky day for you eh, Honey? Bangun pagi (tengahhari) ada org belanje tengok Transformers. LOL. Huddle you belanje me makan la~~~~ XDD

For the moment, I can't wait for the weekends. =DDDD
I'm sooo looking forward to Animangaki <3 style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">Harap Maaf. Permohonan Kolej Anda Ditolak'... yeah wtf.. but I guess it's a sign that says it's a start before I get serious about moving out from my parent's..

That aside, I have a few stalkers aftering me in Facebook and Myspace after I put up some new pictures. Orz.. I'm like... WTF is it with this people??? If they really want to be friends with me I don't mind and would be glad to have them as friends but do they really have to put such lines that suggested different meanings? Please, I am not desperate. So stop harassing me with those unappropriated words and those stupid low class porno camwhore you have.

I don't get you in-denial-lesbian-girls-who-prefers-pengkid-just-becaue-they-can't-do-the-seme-work.. like... What the f***.... Just because I possess those boyish/manly looks doesn't mean that I'm interested with your kind. Is not that I am against homos but please... These Mutha Fucka Biatches harasses me to the point that I may not stop this stupid ranting to who knows when and I don't give a shit if I am cursing because I just felt like doing so and no, I am not going to regret it if my Dad stalks my blog and confront me about cursing online and having my free hair pictures going around the net because I'm not going to wear it until I feel I am, plus I just don't know what else to rant on about this because currently I am out of words and my fingers wants to talk.

Pfft~ And If I am a boy, I would be gay...

No, shit...

I prefer penis over vagina thank you.. and boobs are a turn off for me. No, really.. I don't like them. They are such annoying obstacles for me if I want to snuggle up with my significant other.. so yeah.. Get my point? So, back off unless you're a flat chested girl with a biological penis. I mean it.

Okay, got that out from my shoulder.. Phew~
uhhh.. well.. lately I find myself stuffing my face with junk food instead with the greens and proper meat. Urgh.. yeah bad habit and I kinda feel the effects. Sluggish and easily tired and sleep deprived because at one point. I could only sleep for two hours this one particular day and it hits me that it's because I've been drinking alot of Coke. Ahh.. yes.. Coke.. One of my fav drug.. It's too irresistable but I have to tone it down..

and I just realised I'm getting FAT. LOL.. yeah, I know some people just can't see how and most of the time I'm looking all slim and stuff (omg, perasan nye.... LOLOLOLOLOL) but seriously,my fat loves to settle on my forearms and thighs. D=
They are so freaking huge and I soo need to exercise. =3= somemore, I will be joining a big serious project for next year's Movie Carnival. I seriously need to keep in shape. =P
will be crashing my College's gym soon. Oh, how my friends would be so surprise with this...

okay.. enuf with my rantings.. Over and Out~~

Ike at 6/24/2009


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