Sep 11, 2009
F.U.C.K. U. H.A.T.E.R.S
dear dickheads, motherfuckers and bitches,

it seems this week is the most fucking annoying and the most fucking fucked up week where retards and blockheads decided to piss me off to the extend where I think I could possibly cause a huge massacre in my department campus.

lately i find my self waking up feeling so fucked up as I had to put up a facade to face the mother fucking bitches which seems to love to make fun of me and my housemates. If it's not abide by the fucking rules, i swear on my own blood i would had already fucking skinned the whores alive and had carved a wider grin for their fucked up lips.

Three whole months, it's that long how I have live in that fucking house and you fucking sluts don't even know who they are. Accusations after accusations.. SHUT THE FUCK UP! I know who I have been living with and I have the right to choose who i should befriend with, ASSHOLES! even though they are living in a different life which I don't go by doesn't mean I shouldn't give them a chance.

truth is they are way better friends than you fucked up fakers.






take off those scarves that you fucking sluts been hiding behind with. Just because we are not as religious as you fucking whores are, doesn't mean we don't know our boundaries! FUCK YOU! As if I didn't know what you bitches had been doing every weekend!

Oh, fuck.. I shouldn't talk shit behind their backs.. fuck off.. why don't you shut up and use those slutty lips of yours and suck off your clients' dick dry whore!


And you, dickhead... Stay out of my fucking business. It's mine and it doesn't concern with you and your fucked up bitch's life. Fuck with your smile, fuck with your words, fuck with your fake friendliness.. FUCK WITH EVERYTHING!

Fucking lame opportunist. Stop fucking smiling and act how you should act. I fucking hate your guts dickhead. using those words just to get me and my friends to fucking help you with your fucking assignments with your fucking girl, with your fucking addiction and your fucking life. Act like a fucking man and sell yourself to fulfill your fucking drug addiction! One more word about you forcing money out of others, I'd have your head and your dick hanging by the fucking tree infront of your college asshole.

and then there's you little fucked up gay friend.. fuck with your lame excuse to get away from doing the group work. How can't you not feel bad when we had to fucking bail you out from the fucking jail and waste loads of money which I could use to fucking finish our fucking project?

and then there's the fucked up system.
what the fuck is wrong with people nowadays? are you people to fucking bored that you fucking decided to fucking poke fun at others and threatens to fail a student just because she has weird styles and being different? What the fuck is up with that shit? Where does all those shit comes from where people should judge others by how they fucking look?


and be damned to your fucked up life!

amen to that

Ike at 9/11/2009


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