Nov 8, 2009
Whatever that had crossed my mind tonight... I'm not sure..

life had been such a trilling yet tiring for me for the past few weeks.

I'm almost done with my finals but the end is still far away.. I'd be coming back home with loads of works for my final Diploma show for next year. It sucks but I'm striving to be among the best.

Worry not, I will still be cosplaying before going on hiatus for half a year January. I will give my all for those two months despite I'm struggling for my work. =D I miss you all so very fucking much.. felt like wanna snuggle up on each and every one of you 8D.

Updates besides work?

I'm going to trash up the house I'm currently renting. Probably might burn it down as well >D The owner is too fucked up, asking more money and making insensible excuses while threatening us to pay up full for this month. wtf old man??? 150 is enough for half a month.

Just because we are all girls doesn't mean we can't fight back hard old fart. Just see how much damage you've earned up for the past four months. Be sure that you have enough money to repair the place.

That aside, my friends and I are currently planning to teach a fucked up, big headed, so called cheap model, and a boastful student a big lesson of life. Well, we won't be coming down hard on her. We're just going to tamper around on one of her most possessed item and we'll see if she would find who would come to rescue her in the middle of the empty highway. Hell, we would very much be glad if she dies to. Really.. I have no regret if we accidentally murder her in the process. Life is like that. I can be cold-hearted bitch when I want to. she just deserve to die rather being alive and ruin others' life. Really, she had just messed around with the wrong people.

Oh, wait. I actually currently am a mean bitch with the people around me. I just love to see their smile drop as I stab them with my own words. I find myself shocked with the things I've said. Guess I've been too quiet for too long and i guess it got them thinking that I don't mind.

Fuck you.

I'm still human and despite being the quiet and resilient, doesn't mean I don't have a word to speak up. It's because that I'd prefer not to see and feel sadness or annoyance or those negative auras around me.. but I guess I guessed it wrong. My silence produced the opposite of my expectation. so, yeah... I'm coming out from my shell and literally showing who I really am.

It hurts... doesn't it?

When every single fucked up reasons you gave goes down the drain whenever I pop out my opinions on them? Really, it's fun to see how all of you turned silent when I fork out my sarcastic remarks, staring me with disbelief as I speak out. It is so much fun, I forget how to feel human. I forget what it is like to think of what you guys might think. I really do had forgotten what it is like to be quiet. The one who would shut up and listen to your pathetic love stories, your pathetic fucked up sex life, your pathetic family and your pathetic self. Oh did I remind you how fun it was to have my reasons to rub into your face and into your pathetic self? Poking fun at you fantasy generated stories?

You do know me.... The one who hate to say 'I told you so'. But.. I told you so... and life is like that fucker. It's full of shit and happy endings are non-existent. If you fail, you fail but doesn't mean you'll fail the rest of your life.

Get back up on your two feet, rub the shit off your face and move on. Don't look back, don't ever think whatever had happened in the past and reach out for whatever goal you have had in your mind. Don't fucking change your goal until your got them but never stop looking out for opportunities that are held out within reach. Stop fucking relying on me cuz it's not fucking fun and it is fucking annoying.

Sincerely from within the deepest darkest core of my cold heart,


P/S: I think I just heard myself talking to me, telling me that I need someone.. +swt+ I need to come back down to KL A.S.A.P

Ike at 11/08/2009


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