Dec 31, 2009
2009 Recap
So.... it is less than 12 hours before 2010 comes...
and this post will be filled with all the things that had happened to me through out the year..
I might miss here and there.. cuz I don't remember much :P

here goes..


I'm currently on my 4th semester with a whole new lecturer and class to face. Currently, I'm still recovering from a short term relationship.. which is less than 2 months? I'm not sure how long lol, but it is short.. By this time, I've settled to move on and let bygones be bygones.

I had discovered a whole new world of music and been indulging myself to The Gazette, Miyavi, Gackt and Kaya.

And this is the month where I finally reunites with an old friend whom we known each other on the very first year during our english night class..
Abdullah a.k.a Lala @ Dora.
heheh Managed to woo him into becoming my model. we did two theme, Mr. Rockstar and Mr. Casual.


February... Is the month where I stumbled upon a new road, thanks to my magazine project and my enthusiastic self by applying under Cosplay for my project. On the first day of the second month, I meet Night a.k.a Mum dearest <3>



March is a good month for me. I met a whole new loads of awesome cossers and more photoshoots and attend the 1st ACG event at Tropicana Mall with my chibi cousin.
Currently, I was getting more busy than I really am plus with the coming finals.


Is when I am doing my finals and celebrate my birthday on my own + with all those awesome messages I got. :D
And I found out I have the same birthday with Narukids! Hahaha
And somewhere around this month, Miyavi announced his graduation from PSC and his marriage to melody. :D


It was my first time celebrating someone's birthday after seven at night. Hahaha omg, I finally got to meet the whole crew. Everyone is so awesome + being dragged into the team to cosplay The Prince of Britannia, Clove vi Britannia. Hehehe.. Well.. I guess it's because I'm the only one that could fit Dai's costume. :P

And around late May, I joined Mum's crew to handle Andy's booth at Movie Carnival which took place at Sunway. :P lol imma paste piccas here.. At the same time, I'm being drag into the Harry Potter group on the second week of the MC (which is in June actually)

The Harry Potter Group

I was Scarecrow from the movie Batman,
everything is rightfully belong to Jamie tho. :P
I'm just helping out -w-;;


Hahaha yeap, this picture is very much scandalous.. LOL.. I'm sure to those who had either added me in Cure knows about this picture.. Aside from having this as my 1st photo for a cosplayer, I have Suzaku and Deidara under my belt, thanks to Hani. :D Hehehe, it was actually my turn helping her out for her assignment. :P

And then, there's Animanagaki.. 8D
OMG, my first small scale event where I cosplay as Light Yagami under a request from Tara. anyways.. here's what most have happen in June :D


The start of a new semester and my third year. :D
My first semester where I'm living outside if the college.

And I attend my 2nd event and being dragged again to cosplay but had fun in both days nevertheless :D and I skipped a few days of classes so I can join the Premier of Harry Potter's 6th Movie 'Tha Half Blood Prince for free 8DDD

July is a productive year for my favourite artist as Gazette finally pulls out their latest album DIM, and Lovelie ishihara was born late around this month :D


I'm beggining to give more focus to my class instead of fooling around because I really want to make free time before GACC, the most anticipated event through out the year.

and after that, no more events for me D:
And I have to give 200% on my assignments and so what nots....


I am literally dying on this month with the unfinished assignments - 3- and was only relying on my music stash as my drug.


This time around, I was as busy as a bee, with the dramas in my department.. Backstabbing, liars and two face are all around in the name to finish own's work. thankfully I didn't mix well with any of them and stay with my own click of friends or on my own.

And I finally finished all my assignments and work presentation by the end of the month.


around early time around this month, I had such a good time hanging around with a couple of my friends and around this time I confessed to Mieko <3 style="font-weight: bold;">December

Is the best month and it reflects a whole damn loads of things... And it's the first complete cosplay costume I have in hand - Eyeshield 21's Shin Seijurou and Yakitate! Japan's Azuma Kazuma

:P But overall, this year is a good year for me with every moments that is memorable in my mind. Goodbye 2009 and may 2010 is a better year for me :D

Ike at 12/31/2009

Dec 25, 2009
Dim Scene

Dim Scene - The Gazette

隣で眠る断絶は愚行 そう 崩れてく情景の意味を朽ちてく意味を
群がる鴉の元へ 鳴き止む迄 零に逃避する数は追う

瞳孔に浮かべる現実は殼 麻痺した感情の所為か

空が跡切れ光が地に墜ちる 嘆く声をあやす赤子の夢
塗り潰し過ぎて爛れてく嘘 蝶の羽で落下する蛾
苦悩の裏で溺れている愛 亡骸に手を伸ばす傍観者


壁一面に咲き出した終焉 誰もが忘却を願う度



azawaraisugita sei de sono kikyuu ya kachi wa nukeochi
tonari de nemuru danzetsu wa gukou sou kuzureteku joukei no imi wo kuchiteku imi wo
muragaru karasu no moto he nakiyamu made zero ni touhi suru kazu wa ou
ibitsu ni magaru arubeki sugata wa nuiawaseru hodo fukaku tokeru

doukou ni ukaberu genjitsu wa kara mahi shita kokoro* no sei ka

sora ga togire hikari ga chi ni ochiru nageku koe wo ayasu akago no yume
nuritsubushisugite tadareteku uso chou no hane de rakka suru ga
kunou no ura de oborete iru ai nakigara ni te wo nobasu boukansha
haitsukubaru asu wo warau rouba
douka ore no mama de

atari wo umetsukusu atenaki itami
me wo toji tomosu uta ni kizu nado iyasenu

kabe ichimen ni sakidashita owari daremo ga boukyaku wo negau tabi
soushitsu ni yakareta ore no uta wa honogurai kyomu no soko de oboreteru



For an over ridiculed reason that demand and value was amiss
The severance sleeping next to me was foolish so the meaning of that crumbling sight, the rotting meaning
To the origin of the gathering crow The numbers escaping for zero are chasing me
The ideal shape turning in an irregular way is fiercely melting like it is being sewed together

What is really floating in a pupil is a shell Is that the fault of my paralysed heart?

The light that is interrupting the sky is falling onto the earth The dream of a baby is sootheíng the grieving voices
An inflamed lie that was paint out too often A moth that is falling with the wings of a butterfly
Love that is drowning behind grief Onlookers that are reaching their hands out for the corpse
An old lady laughing about tomorrow that's groveling
Somehow that's the way I want it to be

Aimless pain is covering my surroundings completely
I'm closing my eyes, but enlightening the poem can't heal my wounds

Demise started to bloom all over the wall Everytime somebody asked for oblivion
My poem that got burned over a loss is drowning at the bottom of gloomy nothingness



I love this song so much.
It is so deep, I have to re-read the translated version again and again, yet I have not understand the wordings fully.
I have also watch their live performances through Youtube and Ruki managed to convey it deeper, carving the meanings deep into my heart. Truly, it is a sad song...

And with Uruha's and Aoi's guitar skills + Kai's and Reita's perfect timing, the song is amazing..

It left a deep impression on me, leading me to think what really did the band had gone through for Ruki to write such meaningful words...

Ah.. I'm in love again~~~ :D

Ike at 12/25/2009

Xmas Eve Outing at TS

From Left is Beatbox, Me, Mieko <3, Syn (she's behind), Kaii, Aki, Zend and The King of Background, Dei. (Evil, Zymz and Gems is not in the pic)

Hehehehe, this is snapshot of the whole group at Times Square for our Xmas Eve Outing. ^^
We went out for the arcade and karaoke. Screamed our hearts out with all the selected songs.
I didn't know Dei likes the song Belaian Jiwa. He sang it awesomely XD
Gems tried yaoi-ing with me while others are karaoke-ing LOL

Gems as "Mak Ayam" LOL

Anyways, had loads of fun ^^

Zend, Aki and Mieko

And sending out my special thanks to Beatbox for making the day awesome ^^

Ike at 12/25/2009

Dec 23, 2009
Post-Comic Fiesta 2009 Syndrom n Merry Xmas!!
CF o9' just ended 4 days ago.
And guess what?
The feeling still lingers with all the epic moments I've been through...

There's just so much to say and I can't decide where to start with XD.

All I could say is that everyone that I met and everything that happens left a big imprint in my memory. This is the best year I have ever had in my life and I felt really grateful to be apart in the Cosplay community for it has change my life with it's epic memories. ^^


I would love to post pictures tho.. but I didn't manage to snap any decent pictures but I'm putting pictures in here~~ >w<

Shots of Eyeshield 21 Group

What Time Is It? It's Eyeshield 21 time!!

The Best Cosplay Group of the Year XD

Dei's brother as Ciel Phantomhive
Hani's sister as Elizabeth

A series of Retarded Purikura :D

This is officially my first Purikura
Did it on the 1st day of CF 09' during Lunch/Tea break with
Gems and Mieko

We are the Reversed Traps

Kaname + Gems = KanaGems
Kipi + Mieko = Kipiko
Showta + Ikki = Shotaki

Hahaha it is an inside joke between the 3 of us XD

And to my Merry Xmas to my friends who are celebrating ^^

Ike at 12/23/2009

Dec 17, 2009
Comic Fiesta 2009!!!
Hello guys!

Sorry for the long hiatus, cept for the minor / mini updates of my blog. (^_^);;;

yes, I know I've been a very lazy person.. It can't be help since I don't feel blogging lately.

Anyway, Comic Fiesta is around the corner! OMG! I can't wait to meet up with everyone! Even though I've meet everyone back during AHF but CF is promising a better time because a really really big family had been accidentally formed by us. ~(=w=)~

Orz. yeah.. Mieko introduced me to two new friends over Facebook. They are an awesome pair of couples, sweet and funny too! Yanagawa Noboru and Tukimiya Usagi. But I've only been talking with Noboru-san, poking fun at him sometimes. Usagi-san on the other hand is funny in her own way. She also likes to poke fun at Noboru-san.

Haha sometimes, I think Mieko, Usagi-san and I love to poke fun at the Noboru-san.
Gomen ne Noboru-san. But It is nice talking to you on the other day (b>w<)b


here's my checklist for tomorrow..

*Daily needs

-wig cap
-three T-shirts
-toothbrush and toothpaste
-perfume n deo

*ES 21 needs

-body pad
-adidas shoes

*Yakitate Japan

-chef costume
-blue jeans
-pinku hairband
-red converse like sneakers
-bakery tissue/paper
-bread basket
-genki like attitude

sooo... yeah ^^ meet you all after CF!

Ike at 12/17/2009

Dec 8, 2009
Yea, I do Know
And I




Very much!


Ike at 12/08/2009

Dec 1, 2009
orz.. hello people!!

somehow I'm in an awfully great mood tonight for I recently remembered one of my most Awesome-est dream I've ever had for the entire week.

Okay it started off at a big event. I dunno.. CF maybe because I saw a pyramid and the word Lagoon. LOL.

Ok so yeah, back to the story. I was at the convention Centre going around, lurking like there's nobody's bee's wax when suddenly one of a faceless dude come over to me and said he'll give a free ticket for me for an interview for a special guest. I was guessing, probably another Seiyuu/Idol or whatever it was when suddenly I saw this huge ass wallpaper across the room with a written Kanji of Miyavi.

I went " FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUU-" and grab the epically thumb sized ticket with an imprint of the familiar black and white logo on it. So went directly to the said venue and sat at the front-est front I could get to the stage.

But since it takes forever for it to start, I went wondering around and met up with some old friends I haven't meet for years, and surprisingly, my late junior was there too. Maybe it's a dream, we act all happy and such. D: I miss him so badly now.
So I ran around for a few times till I heard a mob of international fan girls began to swarm their way to the said venue.

So I race up first, getting back to my respectful spot and the MC goes yada yada yada. all and all.. and soon the interview began. We all have this funny/weird/wtf/wth Qs going back and forth until suddenly S.K.I.N came into the pic. GACKT came out from thin air, Sugizo made an epic vampire-ism entry n the other dude i don't remember his name (please forgive me, lazy to search up), popped right underneath the table (yes it's weird, I know)...

So yeah, other people are ogling like batshit and had some of them faint as if there's a concert going on. then suddenly, the MC announced, whoever had the special imprint of Miyavi's logo on the ticket gets to go up on stage and get an autograph. I was like ORZ WTF! I HAVE!!!!!!111111oneoneone!!!11!!!

So, skipped up to the stage, spazzed for 2 seconds and took out a notebook from my bag (which too came out from no where) and smiled like an idiot when he asked for my name. hahahha. but I guess my ego came over me as i answer oh so fluently and so smoothly as if he was nothing. Had all of their autographs but the most awesome is that I've brought along my Cammy-chan (Canon 1000D) and camwhore on stage before I realized that I was the only one with the AWSM POSUM ticket!

ahahahahahahahahahahahah. I sweat like shit when I senses those mad angry glares from below... but then I was saved when Miyavi announced that he is going to gave every one autographs too.. I was god damn it thankful. I had another one for unknown reason, LOL.. N then had this mini acoustic concert. everyone is singing, crying cept for the spazz-much me who jumped like an idiot while singing along with his song. hahahah it was so much fun, I woke up smiling and didn't flinched when I found out Sebby had pooped in his cat carrier.

i know it's too much of happiness LOL but hey! A fan can dream!!! XD

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Ike at 12/01/2009


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