Dec 25, 2009
Dim Scene

Dim Scene - The Gazette

隣で眠る断絶は愚行 そう 崩れてく情景の意味を朽ちてく意味を
群がる鴉の元へ 鳴き止む迄 零に逃避する数は追う

瞳孔に浮かべる現実は殼 麻痺した感情の所為か

空が跡切れ光が地に墜ちる 嘆く声をあやす赤子の夢
塗り潰し過ぎて爛れてく嘘 蝶の羽で落下する蛾
苦悩の裏で溺れている愛 亡骸に手を伸ばす傍観者


壁一面に咲き出した終焉 誰もが忘却を願う度



azawaraisugita sei de sono kikyuu ya kachi wa nukeochi
tonari de nemuru danzetsu wa gukou sou kuzureteku joukei no imi wo kuchiteku imi wo
muragaru karasu no moto he nakiyamu made zero ni touhi suru kazu wa ou
ibitsu ni magaru arubeki sugata wa nuiawaseru hodo fukaku tokeru

doukou ni ukaberu genjitsu wa kara mahi shita kokoro* no sei ka

sora ga togire hikari ga chi ni ochiru nageku koe wo ayasu akago no yume
nuritsubushisugite tadareteku uso chou no hane de rakka suru ga
kunou no ura de oborete iru ai nakigara ni te wo nobasu boukansha
haitsukubaru asu wo warau rouba
douka ore no mama de

atari wo umetsukusu atenaki itami
me wo toji tomosu uta ni kizu nado iyasenu

kabe ichimen ni sakidashita owari daremo ga boukyaku wo negau tabi
soushitsu ni yakareta ore no uta wa honogurai kyomu no soko de oboreteru



For an over ridiculed reason that demand and value was amiss
The severance sleeping next to me was foolish so the meaning of that crumbling sight, the rotting meaning
To the origin of the gathering crow The numbers escaping for zero are chasing me
The ideal shape turning in an irregular way is fiercely melting like it is being sewed together

What is really floating in a pupil is a shell Is that the fault of my paralysed heart?

The light that is interrupting the sky is falling onto the earth The dream of a baby is sootheíng the grieving voices
An inflamed lie that was paint out too often A moth that is falling with the wings of a butterfly
Love that is drowning behind grief Onlookers that are reaching their hands out for the corpse
An old lady laughing about tomorrow that's groveling
Somehow that's the way I want it to be

Aimless pain is covering my surroundings completely
I'm closing my eyes, but enlightening the poem can't heal my wounds

Demise started to bloom all over the wall Everytime somebody asked for oblivion
My poem that got burned over a loss is drowning at the bottom of gloomy nothingness



I love this song so much.
It is so deep, I have to re-read the translated version again and again, yet I have not understand the wordings fully.
I have also watch their live performances through Youtube and Ruki managed to convey it deeper, carving the meanings deep into my heart. Truly, it is a sad song...

And with Uruha's and Aoi's guitar skills + Kai's and Reita's perfect timing, the song is amazing..

It left a deep impression on me, leading me to think what really did the band had gone through for Ruki to write such meaningful words...

Ah.. I'm in love again~~~ :D

Ike at 12/25/2009


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