Dec 1, 2009
orz.. hello people!!

somehow I'm in an awfully great mood tonight for I recently remembered one of my most Awesome-est dream I've ever had for the entire week.

Okay it started off at a big event. I dunno.. CF maybe because I saw a pyramid and the word Lagoon. LOL.

Ok so yeah, back to the story. I was at the convention Centre going around, lurking like there's nobody's bee's wax when suddenly one of a faceless dude come over to me and said he'll give a free ticket for me for an interview for a special guest. I was guessing, probably another Seiyuu/Idol or whatever it was when suddenly I saw this huge ass wallpaper across the room with a written Kanji of Miyavi.

I went " FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUU-" and grab the epically thumb sized ticket with an imprint of the familiar black and white logo on it. So went directly to the said venue and sat at the front-est front I could get to the stage.

But since it takes forever for it to start, I went wondering around and met up with some old friends I haven't meet for years, and surprisingly, my late junior was there too. Maybe it's a dream, we act all happy and such. D: I miss him so badly now.
So I ran around for a few times till I heard a mob of international fan girls began to swarm their way to the said venue.

So I race up first, getting back to my respectful spot and the MC goes yada yada yada. all and all.. and soon the interview began. We all have this funny/weird/wtf/wth Qs going back and forth until suddenly S.K.I.N came into the pic. GACKT came out from thin air, Sugizo made an epic vampire-ism entry n the other dude i don't remember his name (please forgive me, lazy to search up), popped right underneath the table (yes it's weird, I know)...

So yeah, other people are ogling like batshit and had some of them faint as if there's a concert going on. then suddenly, the MC announced, whoever had the special imprint of Miyavi's logo on the ticket gets to go up on stage and get an autograph. I was like ORZ WTF! I HAVE!!!!!!111111oneoneone!!!11!!!

So, skipped up to the stage, spazzed for 2 seconds and took out a notebook from my bag (which too came out from no where) and smiled like an idiot when he asked for my name. hahahha. but I guess my ego came over me as i answer oh so fluently and so smoothly as if he was nothing. Had all of their autographs but the most awesome is that I've brought along my Cammy-chan (Canon 1000D) and camwhore on stage before I realized that I was the only one with the AWSM POSUM ticket!

ahahahahahahahahahahahah. I sweat like shit when I senses those mad angry glares from below... but then I was saved when Miyavi announced that he is going to gave every one autographs too.. I was god damn it thankful. I had another one for unknown reason, LOL.. N then had this mini acoustic concert. everyone is singing, crying cept for the spazz-much me who jumped like an idiot while singing along with his song. hahahah it was so much fun, I woke up smiling and didn't flinched when I found out Sebby had pooped in his cat carrier.

i know it's too much of happiness LOL but hey! A fan can dream!!! XD

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