Dec 23, 2009
Post-Comic Fiesta 2009 Syndrom n Merry Xmas!!
CF o9' just ended 4 days ago.
And guess what?
The feeling still lingers with all the epic moments I've been through...

There's just so much to say and I can't decide where to start with XD.

All I could say is that everyone that I met and everything that happens left a big imprint in my memory. This is the best year I have ever had in my life and I felt really grateful to be apart in the Cosplay community for it has change my life with it's epic memories. ^^


I would love to post pictures tho.. but I didn't manage to snap any decent pictures but I'm putting pictures in here~~ >w<

Shots of Eyeshield 21 Group

What Time Is It? It's Eyeshield 21 time!!

The Best Cosplay Group of the Year XD

Dei's brother as Ciel Phantomhive
Hani's sister as Elizabeth

A series of Retarded Purikura :D

This is officially my first Purikura
Did it on the 1st day of CF 09' during Lunch/Tea break with
Gems and Mieko

We are the Reversed Traps

Kaname + Gems = KanaGems
Kipi + Mieko = Kipiko
Showta + Ikki = Shotaki

Hahaha it is an inside joke between the 3 of us XD

And to my Merry Xmas to my friends who are celebrating ^^

Ike at 12/23/2009


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