Feb 22, 2010
soundless voice kagamine len
On the night everywhere is dead silent
Snow falls down
On my palms I hold up
Snow falls and melts in a moment
What a transient life

Snow like a light piles up without a sound
You gather it and smile
"What does my voice sound like now?"
Even if I reply, you can't hear anything anymore

Tell me you feel painful, tell me you are lonely
I'll find you anywhere...
Please don't leave me alone, please, I beg you
Aren't we sharing one soul?
As snow piles up, you gradually wither
I can't do anything but hold you tight
If possible, just one more time, let me hear your voice
One more time, just one more time
Call out my name...

Your empty eyes are out of focus, I see one drop in them
In the gray world everything is motionless but the snow
You're getting cold, your voice is gone
We can't even melt each other as one
Listen to me, smile to me again
Having no more tears, I can't melt you with my tears...
If possible, take my voice away and give it to my precious one
If I'm to be left in the world without you
Let me wither with you

I love you, unable to tell you so
Our world is reaching its end
How hard I scream, neither your voice nor yourself will come back
Snow showers, I beg you please don't stop falling
And take me away with her
Let everything wither writh my miserable voice
Let it all white...

Ike at 2/22/2010


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