Mar 23, 2010
GACC 2010
so this is my entry for tonight!!!!


it was an amazing event after running for 5 years straight, becoming the first acg event ever to bring over a seiyuu to Malaysia and one of the first acg event ever to receive quite a lot of amazing feedbacks! ^^

so this it how it went..

First day

I went to the event as Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho, but i looked too chubby to be one LOL. But as soon as I arrived there with my friends, we were very disappointed with the venue...

so went ran away to a secluded place for the group's photoshoot. XD

this is the picture of the whole group. XDDD;;;

the best in the group is the obaasan done by sky XD

Genkai's make up is so awesome,till no one dare to come near to sky. LOLOLOLOL

after one hour or so, we packed up and went back straight to our apartment. Since most of us didn't have enough sleep, so all of us end up waking up around 7 / 8 p.m

after bathing and had a small dinner, half of us went for a walk to Jonker Street for the famous Nyonya Durian ABC <3 style="font-weight:bold;">Second day

Second day, I was transformed into a girly girl. OTL. Had my eyebrows shaved and wore a very freaking long ash brown wig hair XD

I became a very part manly, part scary, part moe and full time tsundere Ai saka Taiga XD.

But sadly, I am very much blind on the second day since i didn't buy contact lenses for my cosplay.

but taiga looked too exhausted and my make up had pretty much being smudged and melt away... so sorry for this so not awesome pic of taiga D8

second day is the best of the best and it rebounded a hell lot of things. XD
I joined a duo skit for the lulz and finally managed to witness Xajin's biggest day as a cosplayer, winning in a competition for the very first time... I mean for the first place X3

Congratz Xajin, you made a very awesome Grell! <3

oh, and did i say i love Taiga's wig? <3

Ike at 3/23/2010

Mar 18, 2010
Know what? Screw this shit!
How does it like to feel,
when you think you can have things done by tomorrow....
but everything falls apart when just one little crucial important thing is forgotten?

the battery hp charger,
the memory card to the game platform,
or a tissue pack when you're doing business in the toilet?

Well, the feeling made you wanna RAGE 24-7 cuz that small thing is important and you really really really need to use that thing sooooo very very very very fucking much.

and it just irks you when the suppose responsible person forget everything all about it.....

It just made you wanna scream, "FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

but you just can't cuz that supposed person is just too impotent to understand the need and urgency of our time.

how does my story related to the post above?

Well, looks like my plan to go finish my food is screwed.... BIG TIME.

they forgot to bring the main component for that artificial / studio lighting for me to have my work done.

=A =


Looks like i don't have any choice, do i?

so a reschedule of plans...

Sunday night, reach home and straight to do my work... I'll finish off both of my still life which had to do with them cherries.

might have both, the head and wig and cherries to have it done....

Then monday morning, i have to run to carrefour to buy those strawberries and get the work done before having to shoot back to perak.

or if bad comes to worse.... i'll be buying cherries and strawberries at Swensens...


seriously, this screw my mood big time.

how can she forget to bring along that hot shoe??

= A=

I just hope, i am able to get everything done by tomorrow if i managed to get the goddamn hot shoe tomorrow and reached home before 8.

If i did, consider it is a miracle cuz i need to leave the fucking house around 11.

WTF man..

I just fucking wish her car got stolen and she has no other choice but to move around by her own two feet!!!

fuck fuck fuck!

Don't she know how many days it took me to search for those fucking cherries? And to finish off my parents' money to find those fucking expensive cherries and strawberries??????

fucking so not cool! Not fucking cool at all!

are you trying to fail me?
WTH man.
wth wth...

I can't fucking sleep because of this!

Ike at 3/18/2010

Know what? Screw this!

Ike at 3/18/2010

Mar 14, 2010
Tears of no possible reasons..

I was exhausted today (means yesterday)

Woke up around 12, had lunch and headed to my friend's place to retrieve my wallet..

Guess what? I have to wait for 2 hours in front of her house! ( I climbed over the gate and wait in the garden cuz it's too hot and i was sweating all over...)

Then, after ringing her up for.. idk.. a gazzilion times, i decided to call one of her close buddies to ask him to call her up. Guess what? It works...

Turns out, her dad had took her car (my wallet is in her car's dashboard) to the workshop for service. So, I was left there to mingle... and did nothing cept watching tv at her place, while waiting for her to get ready.

Turns out that the day wasn't that bad when I got to ride on a 4WD. 8D It felt nice and so old school. XD

And her buddies' jokes really cool my head and my anger.

So I wasn't that angry anymore...

But I'm still irked by the fact that i had bought a two-way train ticket.....



and I'm getting a bit panicky... Cuz I wasn;t able to go by my timetable to get my work done due to my wallet's MIA from my hands....

So i guess.. by tomorrow, I will be doing a lot of things to cover up...

let's see what i might be doing tomorrow...

1. Architecture photo at the Sunway college again..
2. Searching for twigs and nature based stuff...
3. some cherries at the cold storage
4. paying my internet broadband bills
5. oat biscuits
6. and looking out for my gore wound make up fx ingredients...

and by night
more tutorial from Hani sensei... and editing my building piccas.. :D

Ike at 3/14/2010

Mar 13, 2010
Bad Day, Yes? No?
Finally, after days of no internet (my broadband was cut off.. sobbbbb).... I am finally able to go online... just to update and do shits.. =9

lately, I have been busy, my works / assignments have been rejected, 80% of them... so now I only have a month or so so to complete all the shits...

but i'm aiming to finish off 50 % around this week,

covering up architecture, landscape, spot news / events & some of my website shits too..

and then if i'm just lucky, i'm covering up for my studio works..

food and 2 still life pictures...

and if im crazy enough and lucky, i will go on with my photo manipulation.. and I'm going to do 2 of them too..

but right now, I am not able to get out of my house cuz my wallet is left with my friend's. I forgot all about it at the backseat car...

all of my important things like my Id card, ATM card and some notes in there.... conclusion, I am not able to step out of the house and finish off my assignments till i get my wallet back... well.. sucks to be me.. woo hoo...

oh.. and this is what I have been up too...

been practicing how to do gore make up 8D
i need to buy more make ups to make it more realistic >w<

pardon the messy background hahaha

real much? yes? no? hehehe...

this one is real.. i had it just recently.... = w =;;;;

Ike at 3/13/2010

Mar 9, 2010
going to update daily from now on 83
So this is how it goes...

Today, a few of my friends had just realized that this is the 10th week of our final semester and decided to freak out.

I had to lol..

really I do...

I am not trying to say that I am relaxed or calm, (I am as panicky as them) but I just don't feel the need to do that because i know it's my fault for not doing things on time.. but...

idk.. I just don't like to be rush to do something that i wanted to do or do things that are not in my hands...

well.. guess i am just those kind of people that took their precious time to have the work done.....

= w =

ughh.. please let this end soon.

i want to get back to working life and enjoy for at least in a few months or so, and get that bloody dvds and parkas that i want >w<

Ike at 3/09/2010

Mar 8, 2010
Miyavi - mata yume de aimashou


Yume miru you na otoshigoro wa
Tokku ni sugiteru hazu na no ni
Kimi ni koi shite shimau nante
Kedo tomerarenai

Asahi ni tatakiokosarete
Yume no tochuu me ga samete shimau
Mou ichido me o tsubutte mite mo
Kimi wa inai
Kimi no inai
Kurayami dake
Munashii dake

"Oyasumi" kara
Hajimaru kimi to no DATE
"Ohayou" de sayonara
Mata yume de aimashou

Konya wa kimi ni aeru ka na
Yaru koto nasu koto uwa no sora
Kanpeki ni dokkashichimatteru
Kimi ni muchuu
Yume ni muchuu
Sono egao ga boku o nayamaseru no ni
Boku to kitara
Sono egao ga nani yori suki mitai de

"Oyasumi" kara
Hajimaru kimi to no DATE
"Ohayou" de sayonara
Mata yume de aimashou

Kimi wa itsumo sou
Aitai toki ite kurenai
Boku no yume na no ni
Itsumo kimi shidai

Moshi asu aeta nara
Kondo koso kimi ni
Zutto hanasanai
Mou yume de mo kamawanai

In English:

I should be long past
The age that feels like living a dream
Yet here I am falling in love with you
It's ridiculous
But I can't stop
I can't forget

Awakened by the morning sun
My eyes open in the middle of my dream
Even if I try to close them again
You're not there
You're gone
Only darkness
Only emptiness

My date with you
Began with "goodnight"
We said goodbye with "good morning"
Let's meet again in the dream

I wonder if I'll see you tonight
Whatever I try to do, my thoughts are elsewhere
I've completely lost my mind
Absorbed in you
Absorbed in my dream
Even though your smile worries me
When you're with me
I love that smile more than anything

My date with you
Began with "goodnight"
We said goodbye with "good morning"
Let's meet again in the dream

You always do that
When I want to see you, you're not there
Even though it's my own dream
It's always up to you

If I see you tomorrow
Then this time
I won't ever let you go
I don't care if it's just a dream

Ike at 3/08/2010

O hai bitches..
so it's been such a long time since i have post something up in this shithole... LOL

nothing much had happened cept a few things here and there..

i have no idea really, on what the hell is happening around me.
i see alot of breakdowns and such alot of negative things.

I felt guilty for not being able to be there and when those bad things happen to the people around me, i was out there enjoying things.. so yeah. it made me felt guilty in a way. )=

I just hope GACC will patch things up and make up for the bad things that has happened... And i'm looking forward to meet all of my beloved friends...

on a side note,

I just realized I am beginning to love to wear shorts than those jeans and so what nots..

and I just bought my 1st ever sunglasses! XD

will uplod all of them pictures later.. =P

Ike at 3/08/2010


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