Mar 13, 2010
Bad Day, Yes? No?
Finally, after days of no internet (my broadband was cut off.. sobbbbb).... I am finally able to go online... just to update and do shits.. =9

lately, I have been busy, my works / assignments have been rejected, 80% of them... so now I only have a month or so so to complete all the shits...

but i'm aiming to finish off 50 % around this week,

covering up architecture, landscape, spot news / events & some of my website shits too..

and then if i'm just lucky, i'm covering up for my studio works..

food and 2 still life pictures...

and if im crazy enough and lucky, i will go on with my photo manipulation.. and I'm going to do 2 of them too..

but right now, I am not able to get out of my house cuz my wallet is left with my friend's. I forgot all about it at the backseat car...

all of my important things like my Id card, ATM card and some notes in there.... conclusion, I am not able to step out of the house and finish off my assignments till i get my wallet back... well.. sucks to be me.. woo hoo...

oh.. and this is what I have been up too...

been practicing how to do gore make up 8D
i need to buy more make ups to make it more realistic >w<

pardon the messy background hahaha

real much? yes? no? hehehe...

this one is real.. i had it just recently.... = w =;;;;

Ike at 3/13/2010


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