Mar 23, 2010
GACC 2010
so this is my entry for tonight!!!!


it was an amazing event after running for 5 years straight, becoming the first acg event ever to bring over a seiyuu to Malaysia and one of the first acg event ever to receive quite a lot of amazing feedbacks! ^^

so this it how it went..

First day

I went to the event as Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho, but i looked too chubby to be one LOL. But as soon as I arrived there with my friends, we were very disappointed with the venue...

so went ran away to a secluded place for the group's photoshoot. XD

this is the picture of the whole group. XDDD;;;

the best in the group is the obaasan done by sky XD

Genkai's make up is so awesome,till no one dare to come near to sky. LOLOLOLOL

after one hour or so, we packed up and went back straight to our apartment. Since most of us didn't have enough sleep, so all of us end up waking up around 7 / 8 p.m

after bathing and had a small dinner, half of us went for a walk to Jonker Street for the famous Nyonya Durian ABC <3 style="font-weight:bold;">Second day

Second day, I was transformed into a girly girl. OTL. Had my eyebrows shaved and wore a very freaking long ash brown wig hair XD

I became a very part manly, part scary, part moe and full time tsundere Ai saka Taiga XD.

But sadly, I am very much blind on the second day since i didn't buy contact lenses for my cosplay.

but taiga looked too exhausted and my make up had pretty much being smudged and melt away... so sorry for this so not awesome pic of taiga D8

second day is the best of the best and it rebounded a hell lot of things. XD
I joined a duo skit for the lulz and finally managed to witness Xajin's biggest day as a cosplayer, winning in a competition for the very first time... I mean for the first place X3

Congratz Xajin, you made a very awesome Grell! <3

oh, and did i say i love Taiga's wig? <3

Ike at 3/23/2010


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