Mar 18, 2010
Know what? Screw this shit!
How does it like to feel,
when you think you can have things done by tomorrow....
but everything falls apart when just one little crucial important thing is forgotten?

the battery hp charger,
the memory card to the game platform,
or a tissue pack when you're doing business in the toilet?

Well, the feeling made you wanna RAGE 24-7 cuz that small thing is important and you really really really need to use that thing sooooo very very very very fucking much.

and it just irks you when the suppose responsible person forget everything all about it.....

It just made you wanna scream, "FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

but you just can't cuz that supposed person is just too impotent to understand the need and urgency of our time.

how does my story related to the post above?

Well, looks like my plan to go finish my food is screwed.... BIG TIME.

they forgot to bring the main component for that artificial / studio lighting for me to have my work done.

=A =


Looks like i don't have any choice, do i?

so a reschedule of plans...

Sunday night, reach home and straight to do my work... I'll finish off both of my still life which had to do with them cherries.

might have both, the head and wig and cherries to have it done....

Then monday morning, i have to run to carrefour to buy those strawberries and get the work done before having to shoot back to perak.

or if bad comes to worse.... i'll be buying cherries and strawberries at Swensens...


seriously, this screw my mood big time.

how can she forget to bring along that hot shoe??

= A=

I just hope, i am able to get everything done by tomorrow if i managed to get the goddamn hot shoe tomorrow and reached home before 8.

If i did, consider it is a miracle cuz i need to leave the fucking house around 11.

WTF man..

I just fucking wish her car got stolen and she has no other choice but to move around by her own two feet!!!

fuck fuck fuck!

Don't she know how many days it took me to search for those fucking cherries? And to finish off my parents' money to find those fucking expensive cherries and strawberries??????

fucking so not cool! Not fucking cool at all!

are you trying to fail me?
WTH man.
wth wth...

I can't fucking sleep because of this!

Ike at 3/18/2010


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