Mar 14, 2010
Tears of no possible reasons..

I was exhausted today (means yesterday)

Woke up around 12, had lunch and headed to my friend's place to retrieve my wallet..

Guess what? I have to wait for 2 hours in front of her house! ( I climbed over the gate and wait in the garden cuz it's too hot and i was sweating all over...)

Then, after ringing her up for.. idk.. a gazzilion times, i decided to call one of her close buddies to ask him to call her up. Guess what? It works...

Turns out, her dad had took her car (my wallet is in her car's dashboard) to the workshop for service. So, I was left there to mingle... and did nothing cept watching tv at her place, while waiting for her to get ready.

Turns out that the day wasn't that bad when I got to ride on a 4WD. 8D It felt nice and so old school. XD

And her buddies' jokes really cool my head and my anger.

So I wasn't that angry anymore...

But I'm still irked by the fact that i had bought a two-way train ticket.....



and I'm getting a bit panicky... Cuz I wasn;t able to go by my timetable to get my work done due to my wallet's MIA from my hands....

So i guess.. by tomorrow, I will be doing a lot of things to cover up...

let's see what i might be doing tomorrow...

1. Architecture photo at the Sunway college again..
2. Searching for twigs and nature based stuff...
3. some cherries at the cold storage
4. paying my internet broadband bills
5. oat biscuits
6. and looking out for my gore wound make up fx ingredients...

and by night
more tutorial from Hani sensei... and editing my building piccas.. :D

Ike at 3/14/2010


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