Apr 15, 2010
Baby, I love you no matter what. :3
hey guys,

hahaha yeah, you'd probably think 'this post is might gonna be about her boyfriend.. LOL'

Nah, I'm not... I don't even have one yet XD
maybe, but soon... yeah very very sooooon....

What I am going to write about precious people that i really really love with all my heart. (and yeah I'm going to stop describing or it'll get too corny now.. hahahaha)

1st: My Cosplay Family (small version)

they are my most precious people in my life. I might had only them not more than a year (yet) but it's like i have known them almost forever, especially mumsy dearest. Our first time meeting, we clicked instantly and chatted as if we were long lost friends. And since then I had been watching robot chicken. XD

Sky and kids <3. They are awesome people who had help me out through out my cosplay days and at the same time torture me into doing random characters too... LOL. They are the awesome duos that kept everyone entertained with their moe-ness and sometimes GAR things they would do. Seriously, they are the core of every fun things. Without them, we can't have LOLWHUTZOMGBBQSAUCE cracky jokes around the family XDDDDDDDDDDD. I love them both to bits.

Sparda, Yuo, Xajin, Liq (did i miss anyone out?) They are the most loving, creative and interesting people i met. XD These people could kick your assess with their mind blowing ideas. I can't explain with words on how amazing they are and I love them to bits no matter what.

and Dante. I had to admit. This guy may look cool but he can flame your asses with his PWNage sarcasm.. unless that person is a complete idiot.XD I still remembered the day when I first saw him at Youth 09 and when i asked for his photo, he had this sweet smile and i swore Dante (I mean Dante the game chara LOL) looked so cute and adorable. XDDDD

2nd: My close friend(s).

Only a handful of them. They are precious, they are dear to me. They are my everything.

One of them lived too far away but I love him to every single bits of he himself. We'd share almost anything. About our lives, about our views and about small things we won't notice until we talked about it. I see him as my dearest brother and so did he. (Yeah, he sees me as his younger brother. LOL i know I'm a girl but i don't care! It's unconditional love LOL!) Plainly naive, funny, sweet and loving. His personality just screams- CUTEEEEE! and his face is baby face too.. hahah every girl wants him as their husband! LOL

3rd: My Cosplay friends

They are awesome people with colourful personalities. Nothing is ever dull with them whenever we got together in an event or outside an event. Nothing is ever dull. The random cheers, they cheerful laughters, the naughty teasing and the funny dramas we all went through. They are one crazy ass bunch.

4th: (insert random thing here)

XD nah kidding.

LOLOLOL it may not be alot on what i've just say here but I really do love them so much. I miss their presence and their warmth. >w < I shall demand everyone of you bear hugs >D

and kisses too! ahahahahhaha

P/s: random post is random. this is what you get staying up all night while you're at McD nomming all sugar-ish stuff while doing other random shit. hahahahaha. yes, i am on sugar rush. =w = deal with eeeeettt!!!!! 8DDDD

Ike at 4/15/2010


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