Apr 22, 2010
Truth hurts? Yeah.. brace yourself.
It's been a while since I had blogged or read someone else's blog.

Well, I did caught up here and there and one blog caught my eyes.

So now, I guess I should come clean what's being going on in my mind. What's my view in our relationship and all.

I'm sorry things didn't work out and dumping you right after V-day's weekend.
It might sound like I'm using you and things like that but honestly I do give a damn about you.

I cared until my 3 months are up.

3 month, is all that I need to judge if I am able to tolerate with the relationship. If I am able to tolerate with my future. If everything is worth the wait.

My intuition said otherwise after our V-weekend. I don't know if it's my own self or I am being insecure but I felt suffocated, I felt something was missing with us.

Something is not right.

And I don't like that feeling. That missing feeling when we are together. It felt like an act. Empty , fake. An act all together.

So I had to say my goodbyes before we hurt ourselves. Before things gets worse.

So i hope things are cleared up by now. And no. I'm not saying this is your fault.

My only advise:

Shit happens. Life won't have a meaning without having them in it.
but it doesn't mean we should be bitter towards others.


updates, I just realized my exam is tomorrow... DAMN!!!!!

but luckily it's muet...

Ike at 4/22/2010


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