Apr 3, 2010
The Truth Hurts
As long as I have live, I had not come across a single soul that had lead a life full of misery masked behind all the shine and gold.

Who knew that the myths were right?

One could have all the fame and riches in the world but he / she had to sacrifice their utmost important thing they have through out their lives, those small important things that most people tend to ignore, their own lives.

Their lives are being determined by the majority's voice of their 'followers' on whom they should go out with and what they should do. No sorrows are to be leaked out nor any tears allowed to be shed within the vicinity of a public's eyes. Only fake smiles, insincere laughters and momentary joy are allowed to be shared.

Not a single soul are allowed to know the troubles they have or the dirty plans made by their 'higher ups'. They are not allowed to be said a word, nor are they allowed to go against anything the secret law they have made within their own. They were forced into slavery and wreck their souls up to the brim.

Some might go as far as committing suicide, by stress from their higher ups, and by their own followers.

Some will decide to back away and cut ties, returning to their own world, but none the less, get a harsher treatment.

Some will turn insane and do the unexpected, making more drama to the public.

So here i stand as the 'followers' hoping that those other 'followers' out there to understand these people's lives. They are not dolls and they are not like the SimS which we could play god and decide their lives. Give them spaces and give them time.

They have a soul and they have a heart for them to make choices. They are here to make us smile to brighten up our lives. Sacrificing day and night, forcing out ideas on how to keep the smile going. We are part of them and they are a part of us. Let's not be ignorant and open up your eyes what misery we have cause their lives. They are happy for us, why can't we be happy in what decisions and the choices they made?
They are after all a human.

Let's start giving back and stop receiving. It's time for them to be happy with a real smile!

Ike at 4/03/2010


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