May 13, 2010
A wall of memories.
I am finally back home! YAY!!!

It was exactly around 9 p.m when I touched down in front of my house 8DDD

I was supposed to feel happy and excited right???

but honestly, I felt a bit sad... I'm actually going to miss those whom I have met and knew through out this three years. The laughters that we shared, the hardship we had gone through, the weird adventures we had....

I am going to miss them very much.
It's not easy to have the same thing over again and the feeling will be very different too.... )))=

I had my last lunch at Mak Yong's and she felt a bit heart broken knowing that we won't be able to come back there for the future. She was close to tears when we were leaving... I felt sad too... She's a very cheerful woman despite her old age. She knows how to bring a smile with her funny ways and her crazy talks. Mak Yong, I am going to miss your funny ways and your cooking... ))))=

and then the 7-Eleven at Bandar Universiti. Damn... I am going to miss the times I spent there with different people. The funny things, the crazy shopping hours and the things we would debate upon before buying an item.

and my temporary pets, Megadeth and Blacky...

Megadeth is our kitten that we found at a mamak stall. It is a very sick kitten and we took it home. She is the loveliest thing we ever had last year but she couldn't last long. On the seventh day, she died at our backyard. a day before she tried to run away but when we called her home, she came back and slept at our feet when we're busy finishing our assignments at the living room. I miss you Megadeth.

and Blacky. He is our faithful guardian, guarding our front yard, keeping bad guys away. He would come over once or twice to our porch and sleep when it rained or when the sun is too hot. He is the most shy dog I have ever met. and humble too. He knows who is good and who is bad. Once, he waits for me at the front gate, knowing i would be coming home late to finish my finals. And he sits on the front gate, not moving for a bit till I'm safe behind doors. Thank you Blacky. I will miss you.... > A <

The journey back home made me feel all melancholic....

And... yeah... I am going to miss everything. Every good and bad. Its special. and forever special....

Ike at 5/13/2010


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