Jun 23, 2010
Strawberry Candy
We met by a chance of fate,

All the things you did? I'd take it.

Loving the shy gestures of yours that you'll only show to me..

I remember the growing feeling of "See ya" Do you ever wave your hand?

Seeing this memories as it snows outside the window.

Sweet past Love.

Strawberry Candy.

We start with a chance encounter.

From the very beginning,I know Love is frightening.

but not for me, you can't see it.

You teach me how to love, only you.

Looking, strongly embraced.

Two people that melt magicaly in only one, is that inusual?

Two persons, this season, in contact, but without changes.

Don't forget your oportunity, dear love without hope.

The sense of knowledge, have tremors, I was looking to come to an end again.

Seeing this memories as it snows outside the window.

Sweet past love.

Love, partner, two people that are separated.

First and last kiss, with a sweet flavor.

Strawberry candy.

*this is from a song. I rewrote the original translated words since it was from a Japanese song.

Thank you for my friend who gave me this song and translated it too.

Seriously, I never felt so much hurt and love in this song. It may sound like another teen going through a phase, but whatever. I'm not stressing on the lyrics. I'm stressing it on the tone of the vocalist's voice, the harmonic sounds being brought in together. very much Kaya-ish because of the atmosphere of the opening is very fantasy-like. me love.

Ike at 6/23/2010

Jun 11, 2010
Hana Kotoba
" And then, a complete change in the melody once again. One can feel the gentle touch of the acoustics as “Hana kotoba” is introduced.

Kai : In the song, the sound of the drum role, tambourines, etc is rather irregular in the beginning. Despite that, it’s very well compatible with the keynotes at the back (step recording). Again, the mood before the high point also makes quite an impact. Since we have never performed this sort of melody until now, it was a very fresh feeling.

----The sound of the acoustic guitar in “Hana kotoba” makes a deep, resonating impression, doesn’t it?

Aoi : I’ve had nothing but the acoustic guitar with me recently, so I was quite happy to be able to play this song with abandon. Though, somehow, the sound of the acoustic guitar spreads all over the place, the ambience in its entirety is built by the sound of the acoustic guitar as well as the drums, so even if there are differences to some extent, it exudes a nice charm, I think.

----Aren’t the sounds of various other instruments included?

Aoi : Well headmost, we utilized the sounds of various instruments from folk music. Yet, the composition seems to flow along steadily because the sound created is very simple.

----With respect to “Hana kotoba”, apart from holding the centre field of the album, it also lends a good feeling to the undulating flow of the entire product, doesn’t it?

Aoi : Right. Even if we perform at a Live playing the songs from this album alone, it still turns out to be an absolutely captivating experience.

----Uruha, what is your impression about the composition?

Uruha : It starts quite calmly at the opening, doesn’t it? After that, as the drums create the ‘pace of the moment’, the bass prepares the ‘ground’, Aoi’s guitar carves out the ‘space’ for the song, my guitar seems to be ‘roaming the skies’, and through those expressions, our individual performances in the song keep becoming gradually prominent.

Ruki : Eh? And I’m not even there?

Uruha : The song is absolutely the protagonist, so the fact is that it would be prominent anywhere. Based upon that, the 4 of us aimed at making the best use of each of our individualities within a single song. And then an overwhelming unification emerges at the high point. From this aspect too, we felt that we were once again able to create the form of the new GazettE through this composition.

Reita : That’s what it truly is like, isn’t it? I too aimed at giving this song a warm feeling, so I worked at giving each phrase a warm atmosphere. Even for the entire album, I thought of how I wanted to convey that mood, through managing the groundwork , and also sometimes adding phrases which would stand out, and overall giving a performance where it sustains the foundation.

----How do the lyrics broaden your worldview?

Ruki : In the beginning, I just got the theme ‘Hydrangea’ from Aoi, who wrote the composition, but I couldn’t remember what sort of a flower a Hydrangea was. Hydrangea is a beautiful flower which cannot be trampled upon right away, isn’t it? Nevertheless, I ended up writing various things for the lyrics, on the lines of “What if they are parched and then trampled upon?” But then I thought, “This is too different from the theme”, so then I re-wrote it… .

----But, what you wrote for the contents also turned out to be the same miserable conditions you were just talking of, isn’t it? It’s again a song with your forte, the sorrowful woman, making an appearance, right?

Ruki : The poem has words of the flower talking to itself.

Uruha : Eh, is that so?

Ruki : In short, this flower, being under the dandelions growing on the wayside, hoarsely asks of them, “What flower is this?”, and realizes how it’s a flower which, being different, is able to live on. For this reason, it wishes for “an existence where it could be loved by anybody”, but is unable to change its own fate.

----So this song was the flower itself crying out.

Ruki : Maybe it’s just that I always keep writing too many lyrics about heartbreak, but whenever I write lyrics about love, they invariably end up being songs about heartbreak or sadness. I was thinking how “I just can’t write lyrics from a point of view other than this, can I?”, when Aoi came along with this song, saying “This song was created in the rainy season so I used Hydrangea as a motif”, and I thought, “That’s it!”… . However, once I started writing, it still turned out to be a rather angry song, so full of hatred.

Aoi : Like Ruki also said, the fact that it was a song made in the rainy season, and
also that the lovely Hydrangea flower fit so well with the beautiful sound of the acoustic guitar; those were the reasons I came up with that word. Since the Hydrangea flower also carries the meaning of ‘betrayal’ in the story, which differs from its appearance, we thought how that particular nuance could also be brought forth in the lyrics, and as a result, the song shaped up quite skillfully, I guess. "

-extracted from SHOXX - November 2004 translated by Ducky's Translation.


This song was made back when I am still in my teens while these guys are fighting hard to get themselves a name in the music world.

anyways, I'm not gonna yap about them for today but about this song. How much it struck me when i heard the first strike of the chord and how it was represented in one of their lives. Did I mentioned that I prefer their live versions during their early years than listening to the ones they've recorded in the studio?

okay, back to the song. After reading this article, it amazes me how they managed to come up with something like this. To be an artist within the music industry is never a simple job to do, with their schedule pack with photo shoots, interviews, rehearsal, how could they still managed to create such a deep meaningful music?

The music, as it is stated

-It starts calmly at the opening, then there is the pace of moments (drums)and ground (bass). Right after, space was carved along(rhythm guitar)while roaming the skies(lead guitar).-Uruha

then the lyrics explained the feelings of the music that was created in a sad harmony.
It is a poem, of a flower talking to itself.

-A flower being under the dandelions growing on the wayside, hoarsely asks of them, “What flower is this?”, and realizes how it’s a flower which, being different, is able to live on. For this reason, it wishes for “an existence where it could be loved by anybody”, but is unable to change its own fate.- ruki

Just by using Hydrangea as their subject matter (idea mainly from Aoi) they managed to make this flower became so alive. So real and so full of emotions ; heartbreaking, the sense of wanting to belong, the sense of wanting to be love, the confusion created around it.


[ Japanese romaji ]

Hikarabite fumi tsubusareru no narasemete anata ni
Kirei na hana no tonari demo ii soba ni otai desu
Sachi usuku tanmei kawaru koto nado nai
Aishiku tada aishiku anata wo...
Anata wa itsu mo toorisugaru tabi ni yasashiku nadete kureta
Ame no nai hi wa mizu wo kureta tsuyoku ikiru you ni to
Anata wa itsu shika sugata wo keshi watashi wa mata ichirin munashiku saku
Kareru dake no naka ni kureru mizu nado nai
Kusaru dake no hana ni sosogu hikari nado nai
Tada shiki ni obie nagara yami no naka haizuri mawaru
Ima hikari wo haizuri mawaru

Dare ka watashi ni doujou suru no nara totemo kirei na hana wo sakasete
Dare ni demo aisareru you na sonzai ni naritai

Kareru dake no naka ni kureru mizu nado nai
Kusaru dake no hana wa tsubomisara nokosezu
Me no mae wa yami de fusagare mogaku watashi wo tsubusu
Anata nara anata dattara
Koko kara tasukete kureru to omotteita
Soumatou no naka de naiteta
Anata ga kureta kanshoku wa
Yoku ga unda yume na no ka
Wakaranu ga mama jiki ni kusaru

[ English ]

If I have to dry up, if I have to be trampled on then at least by you
It's enough if I'm next to a beautiful flower, I just want to be beside you
A painful short life it will never change
Just loving loving you...
Every time you passed by you stroked me gently
On rainless days you gave me water so that I live strong
Then one day you disappeared now I'm blooming in vain
There's no water for a flower that will wither away
There's no light for the flower that will rot away
Just being scared of death I'm crawling in darkness
Looking for light I'm crawling in darkness

If you feel sorry for me then make a beautiful flower bloom
I want to be someone anybody can love

There's no water for an ugly drying flower
A flower that only rots away won't leave a bud behind
My eyes are covered in darkness I'm writhing I'm getting crushed
If it was you if it were you
I thought you would help me out of here somehow
I was crying in the revolving lantern
The feeling you gave me
Was it just a dream born out of desire?
I will soon wither away without ever knowing

Ike at 6/11/2010

Jun 10, 2010
The Willow tree
The willow tree,
A special tree,
one is rare to see.

The willow tree,
A tall tree,
So high, it reach the sky.

The tree is a beauty,
for the beauty is unique,
The willow tree is never amiss.

The willow tree,
a gentle tree of kindness,
it shares apart of it with others.

The willow tree,
a protective tree of love,
for it shields, shelters and nurtures.

A tree so special, so warm,
it is love and beloved,
for it's own unique nature.

The willow tree,
A tree so special,
It stands alone with no other.

The willow tree,
a tree with too many empty holes,
a hollow tree of sorrow.

Though it nay sway in a storm,
The willow tree shed silent tears,
For the branches that broke.

The invisible scratches on the roots,
The hidden cracks within the trunk,
Is covered beneath the thick bark.

The willow tree,
a selfish tree,
The tears it sheds only in the early early mornings,

The tears it wept,
too silent for those who slept,
Till the first ray shines, it is again being kept.

The young willow tree,
a stubborn silly tree,
when will you stop hiding?

alone you will not, keep searching deep in thought,
if the willow tree sees,
those who had been close tho the heart are closer than it thought.

not exactly when i first wrote it, but i'm content with how it turns out.. so I'm just going to post this up before it went missing again.. ^^

Ike at 6/10/2010


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