Jun 10, 2010
The Willow tree
The willow tree,
A special tree,
one is rare to see.

The willow tree,
A tall tree,
So high, it reach the sky.

The tree is a beauty,
for the beauty is unique,
The willow tree is never amiss.

The willow tree,
a gentle tree of kindness,
it shares apart of it with others.

The willow tree,
a protective tree of love,
for it shields, shelters and nurtures.

A tree so special, so warm,
it is love and beloved,
for it's own unique nature.

The willow tree,
A tree so special,
It stands alone with no other.

The willow tree,
a tree with too many empty holes,
a hollow tree of sorrow.

Though it nay sway in a storm,
The willow tree shed silent tears,
For the branches that broke.

The invisible scratches on the roots,
The hidden cracks within the trunk,
Is covered beneath the thick bark.

The willow tree,
a selfish tree,
The tears it sheds only in the early early mornings,

The tears it wept,
too silent for those who slept,
Till the first ray shines, it is again being kept.

The young willow tree,
a stubborn silly tree,
when will you stop hiding?

alone you will not, keep searching deep in thought,
if the willow tree sees,
those who had been close tho the heart are closer than it thought.

not exactly when i first wrote it, but i'm content with how it turns out.. so I'm just going to post this up before it went missing again.. ^^

Ike at 6/10/2010


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