Jul 26, 2010
Hermes's Birthday and Umineko Photoshoot part 2
It has been long since I last blogged. LOL

sorry for the long hiatus!! (for i am lazy -kepiaks!-)

anyways, last weekend was a crazy one. LOL.
Saturday, I have Family Day at Tasik Titiwangsa. Full of kids.... and babies..... = 3=;; I am tempted to kidnap one away. OTL they are just too cute!

And when I reached home.. it's around 1-ish... and I was about to take my daily nap when all of the sudden, Mieko buzzed me in YM and MSN asking if I'm going to Hermes's Birthday... I'm like.... If you're going then I ave no choice but to go too...

So yeah, by 4pm, I got my self ready and by 5-ish I left the house and reach Pyramid by 6pm. Went straight to FullHouse and met Hermes there. I was the only Malay kid around OTL. I feel~~ -rolls around-

But yet, the people around is nice. I think I met Angie @ angle? and her bf Bryan? (sorry if both of the names are wrong ><;;;)

and Hermes's BFF Michelle is soooooo cute. LOL

Then Raj arrive. XD the dude is sooo farnee and right after Mieko arrived too.

She looked exhausted and upset since her mom's credit card is unusable and she had a tough journey all the way from Melaka. OTL much. And since she's penniless, Raj and I treated her for dinner. It's a good thing I wasn't done with my dinner yet and decided to order later.

So, right after.. We went to purikura. <3
It's been long since I have purikura~ > 3<

second picture is inside jokes of unicorns XDDDDD

And then, on Monday, had Umineko photoshoot with Sky darling and Yuan <3!!

LOL, had so much fun since we're doing a private shoot for Beatrice and Battler. <3~

ohohoho. pictures will be up soon, but here is a teaser for the photoshoot.

Ike at 7/26/2010


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