Sep 23, 2010
Life is not made like a fairy tale,

There is no happy ending,

but a twisted continuous journey,

Even till my last gasp breath of air.

But this won't stop me,

from making my biggest jump,

I'll spread these abused wings,

and soar up to the furthest star.

I'll keep on believing.
I'll keep on going.

I let these wound bleed,

I let these bruises spread,

I accustom myself to all of your bullshits,

Even if it kills me,

I don't give a shit till I'm there,

I'll keep on believing,

I'll keep on going,

I'll keep on with this path,

Keep on making those big steps and leaps,

Coming out better, faster, stronger

For that future me who awaits.

Ike at 9/23/2010

Sep 3, 2010
Anthem of Bullocks.
Yada Yada Yada,
Bleep Bleep, Bobpity Bleep,
Repetition of misuse phrases,
Unimportant issues debated,
Time energy wasted,

Rambling Blabbering,
Chitter chattering,
What’s the point?

Distortion of mind,
Castration of society,
Corruption of norm,
Oppression of freedom.

Son of a bitch,
Mother fuckers,
Aren’t we all dancing in the same fucking rhythm?
Drowning in this shit hole,
We’ll be dead on the last drop of the beat.

Amen to your fucking trifling soul and form.

Ike at 9/03/2010


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