Oct 30, 2010
Jewelie Aoi Ishihara
ー雅ーMIYAVI revealed his new baby girl’s (born prematurely on 21st of October) name to be JEWELIE AOI ISHIHARA. 
As explained by  ー雅ーMIYAVI himself, the name consists of the kanji  and  with the reading JUERI (katakana) –JEWELIE and the very Japanese AOI as her middle name. 
Also according to the Japanese part of his blog, Jewelie was supposed to be named EMIRI at first, with the kanji for reason ‘RI‘, and blossom 咲く ‘SAKU’ (which originally had the meaning of  笑う ‘to smile’ -> which in turn can readEMI). 

(I personally  liked the play of kanji and meaning, but I trust their decision.)
Miyavi also mentioned how they worried about the number of strokes in the kanji ( the ‘hope’ kanji is a pretty complicated one )but a visit to Hotei-san made them reconsider how it’s more important to give a meaningful name than worry about something like that. 
This being said, CoMYVz Crew would like to welcome JEWELIE AOI ISHIHARA to this ‘wonderful’ world. We hope your future is one filled with smiles, hope and love, and that you grow up to make your daddy really proud.

By [info]bu_degozaimasu , just reposting it on lj for her ^^

Ike at 10/30/2010


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