Oct 22, 2010
No idea.
cuz it's you you you you~~

yes you motherfuckers, I'm pissed off tonight and currently listening to Carry Out by Timberland Feat JT makes my mind spinning off to another world.

So I'm pissed, angry, disgusted, annoyed and at the same time feeling somewhat horny, cuz this song is just too straightforward. Yes, Fuck you, I'm being honest. so shut the fuck up and don't rat to my parents you mother fuckers.

and fuck, i forgot what i wanna rant in my blog tonight cuz my mind is in a jumble. In a fucked up mess and I'm too lazy to clean up or stack away my thoughts in the right shelves and drawers cuz I don't want to. = 3=

yes I don't make sense at all cuz I don't wanna and Fuck you, fuck fuck fuck fuckitty fuck, I just wanna curse all day long.

Fuck it.

Ike at 10/22/2010


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