Jul 31, 2012
Part 2: Adventures of Meet and Greet with Miyavi
Look how much items we managed to get him sign!! (not including my cd tho!)
This were done by 5 people who queued twice in the line just to get him sign for more stuffs. Since the rules said we're only able to get one sign per entry, so we went crazy and made a mad bee line to the end of the line. LOL.
Silly thing is that we were the first in line and the last in line through the whole event and he sort of remembered us since we're also the ones whom welcomed him at the airport! 
One of our non-fan friend was so silly though! She was spazzing so hard, regardless that she wasn't a fan! It was funny because Miyavi kept asking her, "Are you okay?" because she was like "Please, sign.. please! I'm going to faint if I stay here longer!" because Miyavi was staring at her when she came for the second signature. Well, she was slightly high because she just had some red wine at the hotel and came running straight to the meet and greet to help her friend to get more signatures on her CDs. LOL. And Miyavi literally laugh after she left the booth because she was spazzing hard and went to glomp her friend because her face was so red!!
After the M&G, everyone literally chased after him as we walk off to go back to his hotel. Its fun to watch everyone running after him, taking the escalators to chase after Miyavi! 
Btw, Picture and Vids time!!!
The long long line before the organizers divide us into Vip and non-Vip lines (VIPs are those who bought the Gig tix and the CD). the girl holding the picture of Miyavi actually drew that potrait! She has awesome skills!
a fan manage to get a picture of her identical tattoo with Miyavi's during Meet & Greet! And she's really cool!!!
one of the times when he took his sunglasses off <3
He arrive with style:
M&G  (all when he is speaking) part 1
M&G part 2
M&G part 3 (final)


Ike at 7/31/2012


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