Jul 31, 2012
The adventures of camping at the airport while waiting for Miyavi's Arrival.
It all started when the organizers told us about his plane schedule and we all planned a trip to meet with other Co-MYVs. From my group, there were only 3 people including me.
We literally stayed up the whole night after from break-fasting until 3-ish to complete our welcome placard. (We had a hard time to determine which type of strokes to copy and argues alot about it XD) :
(yes, we got this signed as well!!!)
When we were busy arguing we realized that some Co-MYVs had tweeted / fb-ed that they have arrived at the airport and to find that they are the only ones there. So, yeah, we decided to wrap up and get ready. By the time around 3-ish, we made our way to the airport which took us around 1 hour. 
As soon as we reached, we made our rounds, looking for other Co-MYVs and eventually found them all at the Starbucks :- which is the next best spot to hang out as it is so close to the International Arrival Hall (and I shit you not that this is the only airport that doesn't have any VIP exits; only one way out. lol so we're damn lucky!)
(just chillin' at starbucks)
By the time it was 5.25am, our group turns out to have no more than 10 people only (8 girls 2 guys)! (but it's understandable since it's a non-holiday Monday and most of the people couldn't take a leave!). A group was so lucky to arrive in time from KLIA; which they thought where Miyavi would arrive at thanks to social network.
The anticipation was killing us when the time for him to step into the said hall because we're all unsure if the info we received from the organizers were right. To add to the matter, we had some securities trolling us (in which, were his body guards) saying that there's no such person arriving at the hour! But we had our laughs when he gave us a thumbs up telling us that Miyavi indeed is making his way out!
One of the hints was because of the guitar case that we saw when one of his crews went pass through us! We're like! It's Miyavi's guitar case!!! LOL and we're like he is hereeee!! dkfbakfblakbdksabfksjbfklasbdf
I was partly hyperventilating because I'm not sure what am I suppose to do when he is to step out!! but any ways!!! I'm going to post up some pictures and links to videos of his arrival XD.
Funny as hell, we're all star struck and couldn't make much noise! We're stunned cuz we can't believe it!
This is the link of how we react. LOL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTbNtXrQwMA
and some pictures when we manage to catch up and one of the Co-MYV manage to get him to give out his autographs!

(lol, my picture of him which I went on derp mode and couldn't do anything but took one picture and stare at him)
We all manage to get a handshake and damn, his grip is firm! <3
alright! will update about the acoustic session tomorrow and probably am able not to be so derp during the meet and greet session!


Ike at 7/31/2012


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