Jul 31, 2012
The Adventures of Camping at the venue and sending Miyavi off to his terminal~
Sorry for the long wait! I have been busy with some work and dying from muscle ache!
Now onward with the report!
On the day of the gig, I've woken up a little late due to unable to sleep after the meet and greet. Alot of feelings went through my mind and it was hard to get some sleep due to the anticipation of the upcoming show.
So, after getting ready I zoomed off to the venue, getting lost because Kuala Lumpur roads are one of the most confusing + the signboards that will troll you to no end and eventually reach after 3 hours of driving (when it was only suppose to be 45 minutes). 
Guess what? I'm among the first few in the line and most of the people who are there are those who were at the airport on Monday morning! XD
the first two that arrive; since 10am in the morning!
Yeap, that's us again! among the first in the line!
We sat there, chat away and greet those who came after and made friends which we realized we're all connected through the social network! It was really fun to be able to chat with them and discuss about other related topics!
Afterwards, around 2pm, Miyavi came! We greeted him as he went past through us to enter the venue to do the sound check! We're only separated with nothing but the queue bar (the one with the blue tape) but no one rushed to went after him. we just stood up and waved (and some took videos and pictures of course!) from behind the blue tape. We heard him did some practice and when he played "What's my name?" we actually shouted "Miyavi!" each time he sang the lyrics and he heard us! and he praised us; "Awesome guys!". 
The line eventually starts to build up after 4pm (in which is understandable since those who had done with school and college are able to go out after 3-ish). 
this is the crowd around 5-6pm and everyone is actually waiting for the merch items to be ready to be put up. Miyavi's company wasn't expecting that there will be alot of people that would queue up for merch and the best part? his black t-shirt were sold out but his white Day 1 t-shirt didn't get much attention since the design doesn't appeal as much as his MYV's t-shirt.
black t-shirt
the white t-shirt
(both photos taken from meev's instagram)
each cost RM100 (should be around $30+ (?) )
and towel! cost RM60 ( should cost around $20+ (?) )
The crowd eventually are up till the outside road
( photo are credited to Rentak Sejuta read their reports here)
a few minutes before the door is open! (credits goes again to Rentak Sejuta) and you can see the crowd are really conquering the floor area!
andddddd We're inside!! This is how the stage looks like from the VIP section 
and if you asked, yes, that's our group! We're really wayyyy upfront! (credits to friend; anney's photo!)
(credits to: Rentak Sejuta. thx for the picture!!!)
the whole venue from the stage's view. LOL the whole group is in the picture! and i had my hand raised while i jumped like a crazy motherfucker! (picture from meev's instagram taken by his crew guy)
The setlist (Thanks to Ethel and Pammy<3 )
What's My Name
No No No
Selfish Love (Acoustic)
I love you, I love you, I love you and I hate you (where is your heart).
We Love You (Acoustic)
Day 1
Futuristic Love
What a Wonderful World
(not sure if it's in sequence but the person copied it from the DJ setlist, so yeah > w<)
I literally cried when he performed "We Love You" because it's a frikken old song and I never thought he'd even bring that here! But I recovered fast and sang together with the rest of the crowd. and there's a Singing battle that Meev always love to do with his fans during "A-Ha" song! It's fun!! he kept hyping up the crowd! <3
Fancam(?) Media (?) of A-Ha
However, there's a little down side during the gig. Since this is the first Jrock musician that came here, the crowd didn't know the ethics and such and the culture here have their phone and cameras raised up when Miyavi performed. So yeah, it got him pissed and had him scold one fan who had his phone pointed up front to Miyavi's face. Miyavi eventually smack the phone off the guy's hand when he had scold the guy to stop recording and just enjoy the music. (well, IMHO people that follows Jrock culture should know by now recording pissed the musicians a damn lot!) and another event is when Miyavi is performing Gravity, some people are so effing rude by not shutting the fuck up and learn to respect. That got Meevs pissed off since he was singing the lyrics with anger. What adds to the oil to the fire, there were someone who were so drunk and starts to harass other fans. But the bouncers act fast and kick the guy out before he ruin the live. Applaud the quick act to the management and security!
Regardless of all the things that happened, we had a good time and hope Meevs had a good time too!
I cried a lot and couldn't stop when Meev left the stage after the encore! And there are reporters and news people who were taking pictures of the crying fest! Ahaha, I hope I won't find pictures of me crying!
Most of us have to left early but those who stayed back with VIP passes and Invitation are able to meet Miyavi after the show and had the opportunity to party around. Lucky them!
----Next day skip!---
Well, not really! I could barely sleep and decided to do research on Miyavi's flight back to Japan after getting a hint from the organizers. I spam post to the fanpage to call those who are able to go to bid him goodbye. 
His flight was at 14:30pm and so, we all camped since 10pm at LCCT. At first, I thought there are only going to be around 5 people since there's not much response from the facebook event page but turns out there are 7 people (my friend who woke up late eventually drove all the way from her house to the airport; which usually takes up 1 hour, reached at record time 20 minutes and 5 minutes before Miyavi and his crew went up to their Terminal gate. I hope she didn't get a speeding ticket for that!)
Picture of the early birds! the two girls at the sides are all the way from Melaka! Salute you girls!
By the time it was around 13:20, Miyavi and his crew eventually showed up at the airport and we let them do what they need to do while we wait near the terminal gate as we do not want to bother. He looked tired by the way and probably didn't get enough sleep as he went late to bed last night to entertain the people who are at the venue place last night. (i think he slept at... 7am??? and woke up at 10).
By the time they are ready to go off, we called out his name and waved, saying goodbye. We thought he would walk off since he was close enough to the gate but he stopped in slight shock when he realized we were calling him and handed his bag to his crew. He turned back and came to us, reaching his hand out and thanked us to see him off. I quickly cut to the chase asking if we could have a group photo but he was hesitant since well, his management is strict after all and he had to ask his Dragon Lady if he could. We asked and explained that we wanted a group photo since we know they are going off and doing one by one is such a hassle. The lady agreed and we thanked her and request for Motokatsu Miyagami to join the picture as well (the drummer that tag along to Malaysia's live. He is from Ace of Spades!!). 
andddd~!! *drumroll* the picture!!
He is so awesome still!! and the Drummer is so Kakkoi! <3 he is being all bashful since no one really paid attention to him for the first few days. I saw him being all alone on the Monday's event ; w;. You bad bad people! Don't you know the guy's a legend?! After all of that, we shook hands again and watch him off, and he kept turning back, waving to us until he finally disappeared from our view ; w;.
As soon as we turned around, we were fangirling, hugging each other and the crowd were giving us weird looks but smiling, as they knew that were so super happy to meet someone! Ahahah, it was embarrassing but we didn't care! All of us then parted ways, saying good bye to each other, smiling from ear to ear!
Well, that's the report I could give to you guys :D If you want vids, just look up on Miyavi Malaysia  or Miyavi KL or Miyavi Kuala Lumpur. you will get alot of videos from there!


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